Youtube Marketing Conference of the Year –
August 20-22 2015 Los Angeles – Reserve your seat today. Come hangout with me at VidSummit 2015 event.

There will be sessions on Audience Development, Science behind online marketing, Advertising, Going Viral, Driving traffic, Media and Production. It will include speakers, panels, Q&A’s, VIP Sessions, dinners, rubbing shoulders with the best marketing experts in the industry, and others like you seeking cutting edge information for today’s online video world. You will laugh, be inspired, take notes, build memories and make lasting friends.

You will get the finest tools from the most trained experts to accelerate your video success, be engaged, trained, skilled and tutored. Video marketing success is an on-going journey that requires a hunger to continually seek out the most up to date information from the most top-notch resources and the best coaches Video marketing has to provide. This cutting edge training opportunity will give you the momentum that you need to stay ahead of the wave, keep the edge, and surf to the top of the ever growing great sea of video.

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Keynote Speakers

Jeffrey Harmon
Harmon co-founded Orabrush with his brother and a 75 year old Orabrush inventor, “Dr Bob”. Harmon was the primary architect of one of the most successful YouTube campaigns to date. With more than 50 million views, Jeffrey’s YouTube marketing strategy catapulted the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner from zero retail presence to being stocked on shelves in more than 30,000 stores in 15 countries. Harmon’s online expertise also created a million-dollar brand online in less than three months with Orapup, the tongue cleaner for dogs, which has a greater digital presence than pet brands Pedigree and Purina.
More recently The Harmon Brothers created the “girls don’t poop” campaign for Poopourri which with 27.5 million views was the 5 most viewed viral internet ad of 2013 and won AdAge’s funniest ad of the year award. In addition, Harmon Brothers recently produced the World’s Largest Nativity with The Piano Guys.

Shaun Mcknight
What started out as a fun project for Shaun McKnight’s family has suddenly found them with a very popular YouTube channel, making him the master marketer behind Cute Girls Hairstyles.
With something as simple as placing photos in an album and uploading them to YouTube, the McKnight family has grown in popularity. After starting a blog on how to fix little girls hair, their channel suddenly grew in popularity with Cute Girls Hairstyles and Daddy ‘Do Hairstyles. Shaun saw the potential that their YouTube channel was creating, and decided to make it his full-time job.

Other Speakers

Allison Stern, Travis Chambers, Mark Robertson, Chad Sahley, Jeremy Vest, David Walsh, Jake Larsen Tommie Powers, Dane Golden, Matt Ballek and Me Derral Eves

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