The Vilfo VPN router claims to give you the best, fastest, and most secure VPN experience on the market…but is it able to deliver? Watch now, in this review of the product.

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Vilfo is compatible with a large number of main VPN providers, such as NordVPN, Cyberghost, ProtonVPN, HidemyAss, Private Internet Access, Mullvad, and more!
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  1. A couple details I wish I included in the review:
    – Vilfo is based on OpenWRT and their security practices are listed on this webpage of their website:
    – Affiliate link was just opened (as the review was just made live), and it may take some time to get that link in the description.
    – Since reviewing, they have added a couple new features like a Firewall, and there are some other settings coming soon like an IoT sandbox for additional security.
    – For speed-testing Medialink, it WILL eventually hit a max range, but this test only compares a 20 yd radius. This is too much for Vilfo, nowhere near affecting the Medialink. This is the conclusion.

  2. $400?? This is the most overpriced router I've ever seen. You can get many great routers with built-in VPN client or open source firmware for a much more reasonable price.

  3. How do I tell if my ISP is worst than some usa based vpn or some weird cheap vpn's
    I mean Nord has a bad reputation their ads are everywhere You don't advertise something that is good

  4. Start of Edit:
    This is NOT a sponsored video like I had originally assumed, please take note of this when reading the original/remainder of this comment.

    End of Edit.

    Original Comment:
    Is this a sponsored video, if so that should be made clear at the very start of the video.

    I suspect even YouTubes guidelines state as such too.

    Either way, what an overpriced piece of hardware, you can spend far far less to get more powerful hardware with the same software and much more options in regards to inputs/outputs.

    This video feels really pressured, sure it has a GUI, just like most other decent modern software has, but nothing can justify the $400 price tag, you could pay someone to buy better hardware and setup a router for you for less money.

  5. Learnt a lot from this channel about #privacy and #security. Thanks for that. As we all most probably know Google isn't particularly good with privacy and Android is a data mining operating system, similarly (but with less degree) can also be said about iOS being integrated with Google apps(YouTube, Gmail, gmaps..).
    Just curious to know, which OS based phone do you use? Custom ROM with emphasize privacy or any android or iPhone?

    May the force be with anyone who reads this. ✌️

  6. LOL ! For that amount of money, just get some USFF, low-power consumption PC, like the MintBox Mini 2, which has better specs and is $100 cheaper and install pfSense or OPNSense on that. They probably have the same Celeron J3455 quad-core (atom cores), but 8 GB vs 2 GB of RAM, 120 GB SSD vs 8 GB SSD, only 2x 1 Gbps NICs vs 4x on Vilfo, but still get dual-band WiFi.

    I did my own box in a SFF case, so it is using more space, but I got it for way cheaper (around $200 bucks) and still got the Celeron J3455 (ASRock J3455M motherboard), 8 GB of RAM, had an old 80 GB SATA HDD lying around and I have 6x 1 Gbps ports. I spent nothing on the wireless router, but you can get a cheap AP or put an old wireless router in AP mode and call it a day, which is what I did. I am not even using all the ports on my pfSense box (3/6, 1 WAN, 2 LAN), my wireless AP also acts as a switch, in which I have another PC connected to.

    And pretty much all VPN providers have OpenVPN support, so you can use pfSense to connect to your VPN provider. You can also set a pfSense kill switch to block all connections when your VPN goes down.

  7. I like the idea of a VPN router , but in my experience it's been subpar. Hardware is everything, apparently. My router is the ASUS RT-AC66U B1. It isn't top of the line, but it's not a budget router either. I have a 200Mbps connection and on a PC can reach about 100 Mbps using the VPNac app. But running a VPN client on the router my speeds max out at about 13 Mbps. That's on one device. I can't imagine dividing that up on the rest of my network.

  8. hey techlore wondering how w feel about cicada 3301 obviously this channel is super friendly to its user base regarding privacy where as these are guys uber security and privacy pushing their agenda of a utopia on the internet through anonymity. im not particularly referring to cryptography here but is that a necessary step for the future of privacy and security in the future? regardless love the content and i love education you bring to us the audience!

  9. NordVPN is secure, but the speeds are garbage and if you are using their software, its garbage as well. wish i didnt buy a 2 year plan. after the trial my speeds got cut by 60%.

  10. You still need VPN service 🤣. Ddwrt isn't that hard to setup. Especially not worth the price premium of routers like vilfo, and on top of that they are using open software, so basically they are making a huge margin on this "ease of use"


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