Hey guys natalie here with canine performance and do you have a possessive dog that won’t, let go of objects or maybe you have a dog that picks up items and puts it in their mouth when they’re on a walk.

These things can be huge safety hazards and concerns. It can also make play really challenging just a plethora of problems, but i have the perfect solution for you. It is going to be teaching your dog the out command, but before i get into that, if you haven’t liked this video go ahead and smash the thumbs up button.

Now, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel go ahead and do that as well. So why is teaching the owl command so important? Like i said, if your dog is out on a walk and they pick something up and put it into their mouth, it could be potentially harmful objects that they’re putting into their mouth.

If your dog has a little bit of possessiveness and they will often go and steal objects like a dish towel or a sock, some of these things, they could ingest them or perhaps destroy them. These things can cause a lot of friction in between your dog and yourself and really ruin the relationship so being able to teach your dog how to out objects in their mouth is going to be really really important for building a really strong relationship.

The way that i teach the out is actually through play. I think that dogs learn really well when they are in a play state of mind, and so i’m, going to be showing you how to start implementing this command into your everyday routine.

As you’re playing with your dog [ Music ], when teaching the out command, the type of toy that you use is really important. You don’t want to start teaching the out command with a small toy like a tennis, ball or a toy that has a squeaker.

I prefer using toys like a tug toy or this rope toy. The important part is that you can firmly hold the toy on either end the way that we are going to start teaching the out command is through getting our dog interested in play.

We want to activate their prey. Drive and dogs are really motivated by things that move, and so we want to continue to keep the toy moving. When we’re ready to start teaching the out command, we’re, going to have the toy be completely still or dead.

So to speak so when we are playing with our dog and we’re playing tug with them, when we are ready, we are going to firmly hold the toy on either side and we are going to brace the toy up against our knees.

Just like this, we’re, going to try really hard not to move the toyo doll because we want it to be dead, so to speak once your dog disengages from the toy. That is when you are going to mark good or yes and then toss the toy away from you activating that prey drive, because the toy came alive again.

So i’ll, go ahead and demonstrate with atlas good boy atlas come here. Oh yeah, good boys, good job atlas come here that’s, a good boy, very good, good job, buddy good boy. At the beginning, your dog isn’t going to know what out means you don’t want to say it over and over and over again.

But you do want to say it a couple of times, maybe three or four times, and you’re, really just waiting until your dog disengages from the toy. If you have a dog that is really possessive and will play keep away from you, one of the really important things to do is to keep a long line on your dog.

That way, you can draw them back into you and then repeat the process of the out command. Like i had talked about sometimes for some dogs, it can be really beneficial to play the switchit game, which is when your dog brings the item back to you and you ask them for an out.

You can replace that item with either a different toy or a piece of food, and the last thing is that sometimes it can be really beneficial to play the switch game with dogs practicing the out command, like i had showed you, but when the dog finally outs, The object to switch it with maybe another toy or even a food reward, so go ahead and try this out at home.

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Learn how to teach your dog the “Out” command in just a few simple steps. This is really great for dogs that play keep-away or who have a tendency to be possessive with toys or other items.

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