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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Amazon Fire TV

Roku Ultra

Nvidia Shield

As more people continue to move away from cable and satellite, many are now using online streaming services to keep themselves entertained. One of the best ways to access online content on your TV is to use a dedicated media streaming player. There are a lot of great choices this year. In this video, I will countdown the Top 5 media streaming devices and go over the key features of each one, to help you find the best streaming device for you.

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  1. Fire TV dominates the market in the US. One of the reasons, and one of the reasons it's the one I always buy, is the ability to sideload Android apps.

  2. There are a lot of great devices for streaming content to your TV. Hopefully this video helped you out. Thanks for watching 🙂

  3. I have the shield since may 2017 for streaming movies is great. For gamming you must have a nvidia GPU to stream on the tv

  4. For my tv I use mirascreen its just 15€ streaming device for my tv its has max quality 1080p 60fps same hdmi port with usb power

  5. I have the Roku Express because it supports Acorn TV (streaming British, Australian, Canadian, Irish & other foreign TV programs). ♥

  6. I have a Roku Premiere + and 2 small form factor – Asus computers, the Roku I used strickly for HBO,Showtime and Starz, I use Kodi for all my dvd's and music.
    I have two chrome cast, but I gave those to my kids, to me they did not do as well as Roku or Kodi,. I also don't have my phone or tablet tied to my hip.

  7. +TechGumbo If I ever get one of these it'll be the number 5 on your list , then IF I ever conceive children I'll upgrade to your number 1 pick.

  8. I have Roku and love it!! I bought a flash drive for my bedroom and use the little box for my living room!  Roku rocks!

  9. Main problem with Roku is no Kodi… and I don't mean the idiotic illegal purposes many use Kodi for. I have a 40TB NAS that I stream all my content from. 99% of my use so a Roku can't work for me…. besides that its great…. but Nvidia all day for me! Firetv can also do the job but there was no way to disable Amazons bullshit advertising on the home screen like I can with the Shield or I would probably use both.

  10. Hi! I hear most people only talking about devices specialized mostly in streaming 4K from apps but many of these don't offer a good solution to play 4K from hard drives to your TV. And I'm talking about h265, hevc, 10bit and similar.
    It's a totally different price category of course (and actually overpriced) but what do you think about for example the egreat A11 or Dune solo 4K?


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