The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Salt Lake City, Utah and the worst things you NEED to know about moving to Boise or Denver instead.

Worst places to live in Iowa –

What’s it like living in Salt Lake City? Well, the air quality here is awful with Winter inversions and the elevation is higher than most cities at 4,300 feet above sea level. It’s located right next to the gorgeous Wasatch range of the Rocky Mountains, and if you like to ski, the world famous Park City is only 40 minutes away! The weather is almost never too cold but there is a lot of snow and it’s also very hot and dry in the Summer. SLC is the largest city in Utah, and along with Ogden, Provo, Orem, St George, and other secluded mountain towns, one of the best cities to live in America, especially if you’re Mormon! A lot of people are moving from California and the natural population is increasing dramatically too, making the metropolitan area one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. If the Beehive State is an underrated & beautiful state, why shouldn’t you live in Salt Lake City, UT?

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