The Top 10 POOREST States to live in America for 2021. These places aren’t any of the best states to move to, and many feature the worst towns and most dangerous cities in the USA!
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In order to determine which US states are poor (and rich), we analyze a few categories around economic opportunity, growth and innovation, and living expenses to come up with an average income to cost of living index. The places on this list generally have low minimum wages and median household incomes, high poverty rates and unemployment rates, and very little industry compared to their housing costs, gas prices, groceries, utilities, taxes, health insurance and child care, among other things.
As such, many people are poor and struggling in these states, so crime rates are higher too, with a few places actually being some of the Most Dangerous States to live in! I also implemented my personal experiences and the pros and cons of each location, as nowhere in the United States is really ALL bad!
My biggest suggestion is to visit these states first to decide where you want to move to and live.

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Thanks for watching From Here to There! This is another top ten video where we explain cool facts about the world, it’s history and geography, starting with the different states, cities, and towns in the United States.

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