I’ve had a BIG project up my sleeve that I’ve been dying to share with you … And today’s the day! I’m starting a new YouTube Channel.
Check it out – https://www.youtube.com/c/GeekifyGuys?sub_confirmation=1

Watch the Geekify Guys’ First Video

GeekifyGuys are grown-ups who got tired of being work-a-holics who forgot what it felt like to make play time a priority. We’re ready to reminisce on the old days of creating our own small-town fun doing whatever geeky, crazy things we could imagine.

So we’re officially bringing back play time … YouTube Style! We’re gathering the Gang and other random YouTubers who are really good at having fun, making everything a competition, and maybe getting into a little trouble once in awhile. Life is too short — Play time is on!

Subscribe if you like funny, geeky competitions and ridiculous reactions.



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