Hey there welcome to my curls. My name is renee, and this is pawlik’s. Pollux is a shelter dog that we adopted about four months ago and up until this point we’ve, just been kind of letting him do his own thing figure things out.

Just kind of you know letting pollux be polluxed, but today i’m gonna try to teach pollock something i’ve learned that he’s, really not open to new things. So we’re gonna see how this goes

So we had to upgrade something in our house, which i’m, going to show you what that is, but that upgrade requires me to teach them something. This is either going to go really well or really bad. Would you like me to put some more peanut butter in that for you? I can you want some more pamper.

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So, thank you to jun’s journey. Oh my gosh! You have spider webs on your ears. Oh my goodness me. How did that happen? His head is covered in spider. Webs i don’t know what he got in, but he has spider webs all over his ears.

If you’ve been on my channel before you know that i have another dog, his name is maxie. He’s. A little white miniature schnauzer come here. Moo come here come up here, show them come on. Oh my gosh. What have you been in now here’s, everybody.

We have always had a doggie door. It’s, a doggy door in our screen door. We ordered this screen door, the company that makes the door was shut down because of the virus and everything that’s going on and then when they did get reopened.

They shipped us. The door and it was cut wrong, it was their fault, they made a mistake, we contacted them, they’ve corrected it, they had to re-cut the door, did you see them there? He went and they sent us a new door, and so now it is installed.

Randy installed the doggie door into our screen door. While i was at work last night yesterday, i did force pollux through the door two times i had to get on top of him. Get underneath his belly and just push him through like he will watch maxie go through the door, but he will not do it himself.

He will sniff all around the door. He will poke the door with his nose, so you all saw maxie go through it. Maxie is a pro he has had a doggie door since, since he lived with us for almost nine years.

But let me tell you why i want a doggie door at my house. We have a really large backyard and we put in a fence around the outer perimeter of our yard, just for pollux. He needed a place to run and be free, and so that we got the fence.

I don’t, know six five or six weeks ago, so he can now come outside and run all he wants to. Well, i want him to be able to come outside when he wants to and same for maxie when we are home our sliding glass doors open.

The screen door is shut with the doggy door in it, so the dogs can come in and out all they want to all day long. As long as we are home come on on nope maui, you already had one come here. Pollux come here.

Come here. Come here, if i get out the treats to try to teach pollux how to go through the doggy door, maxie just comes running. He maxie has already had plenty of treats and he knows how to do the doggy door, but i feel bad because every time i get a treat out he comes running.

So you know how to do the door don’t you do it really good? I’ll. Give max you’re a treat because you’ve, been so sweet. Maxie has put on a little bit of weight this winter and i truly think it’s because we bought bigger, treats for pollux because he needs more food and more treats than maxie.

Well, it’s just easier to just give me maxi the same thing and so maxi’s gotten a little chunky. So i’m trying to cut back and only give him half the treat he’s. Not really appreciating that, oh now, you’re gonna come down.

Come on down here. Come here, want more okay got a treat for nothing. He didn’t even go through the door, so let me show you this doggie door and how it works, because this is so cool. This is our actual screen door.

You’re, not buying the screen door, the screen door. You must already have all you’re. Getting is this doggy insert the dog door swings both ways and if you can hear that clicking sound, those are the magnets that are all they have points all over it.

So you can see them so it keeps the dog door shut and kind of tight. So air or bugs or whatever cannot fly in around the doggy door so all day long when we used to have three schnauzers. This is what i heard all day like this: never stopped, because somebody was always going in and out the doggy door.

So this flap is made of really thick durable, clear something i don’t know what it is and it’s, surrounded by magnets on the inside. Can you see this there’s like a soft fuzzy stuff? So if the dog comes through and actually brush up against the sides, this is soft stuff.

So it’s, not sharp. It’s, not going to hurt their skin hey pollux. Are you going to go through the doggy door today? Please [ Music ], you know no luck with the door. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] did y ‘

All see that i lifted the thing and pollux went through. So that is a start. I want to tell you that i am not sponsored by this doggy door company. They are not paying me anything. I purchased this door at full price.

Don’t think that i’m. Doing this video to try to get you to buy something to benefit me, i get nothing. I just want to tell you about something that i love and something my dogs love. I’m, getting ready to hang out at the pool and he’s.

Gon na there he goes let’s, see. Look there’s maxie. Maybe the video just needs to be about maxie and maxi’s door and pollux just has to figure it out in his own time, because for now he’s, not doing it.

Just please come through come on. Look mama will open the door. Look here come on come on, pollux come on, you can do it come on. Oh my gosh pollux. Oh you’re being so stubborn about it. What’s? The big deal at the door? Oh see! He just comes right in i, don’t know what this one’s problem is yeah, look at him down there on that table.

We just had lunch and he is getting more and more. I think it ‘ S called counter surfing, will you just do it already? Call it go, go, go just go! I’m, holding it up, go what’s, the problem. Huh! Oh, see no problem for the maxer just go in.

Why are you still being a scaredy baby? Moo show him how it’s done again. Y ‘ All have a little talk about it. Do you see that just go in you can do it just go, go. Is it time for a judy? Oh, my goodness.

Gracious working on the doggy door was just too much work. Politics buddy just come through the door. Come on just come on. She’s and there he goes. This is hiding spot. You’ll, see him in there go, get him go get him.

I think this is one of pollock’s. Favorite places is into wheat, checking it out. Well, we got to get in these flowers too. I guess what are you doing in there maxer? What are you seeing there? What’s going on? What are you doing in the flowers? Can you get out now? What are you gonna? Do? Oh, my? Well, he just checking them all out.

He’s on a mission to find [ Music ], something maxie loves to lay on the lounge chair with me. He gets hot quick. He’s going when you get hot, that’s, why we love the doggy door? He can just go in. I don’t have to get up right, moo, hey moo, tell him, you love a doggy door.

He looked at the door like to see if it was still there, but then he just kept on going. Oh, he gonna go check it out for a second alex go on in well. Pollux just said: if he can’t go inside and take a judy.

He’s. Just gonna take one right there into shade. He’s, gonna watch the doggy door. Oh no, something got his attention. Oh my goodness. What is it? What do you see? Apparently you didn’t, see it because you’d, been down there too.

So pollux is a no-go for the day won’t go in the door, however. Maxie has gone in and out probably 30 times since we’ve been in the pool he laying in the sunshine. Are you enjoying the sun moo? Oh? But i got ta go to work saturday night and we’ll just try it again tomorrow.

I think it’s. Gon na take him a couple days just in and out in and out and be kind of forcing him because he won’t go through with treats, but he will go through if i make him go through, but maxie loves the door and we’ll just keep trying again tomorrow, so i’ll.

See you in the morning i forgot to tell you all: brickin is headed home from the beach right. Now she’s been gone all week and pollux has been hanging out in her bedroom while she was going and just don’t tell breaking, but so i put her sheets in the wash this morning and i forgot to put them Back on her bed and she’s going to be home in about an hour, so i’m running upstairs really quick before i go to work.

I’m gonna make her bed and she has a black comforter, which is covered in dog hair from pollux. So i’m gonna use the chomcham roller i’m gonna show it to you all one more time i’m gonna get the comforter all cleaned up because she’s.

Gon na want to be home and sleep in her bed tonight we missed her and we’re glad she’s going to be home, but i got to get her bed cleaned up. Okay, this is breaking comforter. Look at all the dog hair.

Now look dog hair gone. I got ta, do her whole bed! Oh! No! You don’t. I just cleaned her bed go mister! That’s. Better now, b will be home tonight to a clean bed. I want to show y ‘ All the dog hair that i got off of brecken’s comforter.

This is all pollux’s, hair just her comforter! Look at this this just off her comforter this! I just did her comforter. Look at this, this is what was on brecken’s comforter, but it’s gone. I cleaned it up thanks pawliks, so hey y’all welcome to day two of my experimental weekend of trying to teach pollock something new didn’t go so well yesterday, he was not having it.

Today. I’m gonna try again what i know about pollux. He is a stubborn little toot. If he doesn’t want to do something. He is not going to do something and the more i want him to do it the more he resists that i know about pollock’s maxer.

So let’s see so. Maxie has always been very willing to learn very easy to teach, although when he barks – and i want him to stop – he won’t, stop come on. Let’s. Go in come on, moo show him how it ‘

S done, go pollux. Why don’t you do it come here. Come here! Oh my gosh uh-huh jump down pogs. He’s. Just watching you go pollux, oh look who ran up here when the door opened. So if the doggy door is something that interests you, let me give you two sources to get the door.

Our two bits of information there is a company called hail pet doors. H-A-L-E. They are the manufacturer of the doors you can go to their website. You can order the doggy doors directly. They have all kinds of doors, doors that fit in doors.

We have one that fits in our screen door. You can also go to petdoors.com. They also sell the doors manufactured by hail, but they’re, a reseller. So check both of their websites, you might find discount codes or coupons.

Pollock has enjoyed his day. He’s, been lazy in the yard. He’s been running around as usual, but he wants no part of the doggy door, but i know he’ll, get it it’s just gonna take time. He’s. Gon na have to figure it out on his own.

When i’m, not paying any attention to him, i’m sure he’ll, go through it. What are you doing? What i wasn’t playing nope bee’s home hello. Well, this marks into another weekend at the pool and pollux did not go through the doggy door.

He went through a couple times if i held up the flap and he really really wanted to go in, but just going on his own, it is not happening. I have learned that pollux is extremely stubborn. Basically all day today he would not come to me.

He would not get near me. I wanted to brush him outside, which is something i do all the time not having it would not come to me. I have not even been able to pet him today. He knows something’s up. He knows i want something from him and he is keeping his distance from me anyway.

Maxie loves the doggy door. You all got to see it. Yeah pollux is stubborn that i know so until next time y ‘ All i’ll, see you later

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Pollux is a stubborn dog! I’m trying to teach him something new, and it’s proving more difficult than I expected. Maxxie got it right away, but Pollux is another story. We installed a dog door for screen door for our shelter dogs, and I’m doing some dog door training with Pollux. Maxxie our Miniature Schnauzer has been using the dodge door for years. He’s a pro!

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