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  1. Hello to all,

    Happy 2018 to all of you people!??❤️

    Great year, it was massive suport from all of you guy’s this year and very stisfied with all the succes that we have achieve together.

    Very thankfull to everyone who supported this year, especilly to the artists that we collab, family, friends and my management team LEAF Music Management for doing the best for me.

    Dj Drop G

  2. Спасибо, у Вас талант! Бегать под нее одно удовольствие!!!

  3. С Новым годом! Только ваша музыка играет в моей машине.

  4. I def enjoy your deep house tracks… blending the tracks together could def be better. Send me 6 to 10 tracks and ill put them in order of transitions. keep music coming!

  5. Im sorry i change my mind………..Rockstar again….really…….1 hour 20 min into the track…….STOP IT FFS DROP G! IM GETTING ANGRY WITH YOU NOW! >:( try make a mix without swearing and depressing music…………

  6. Quiero la musica y no hay manera d tenerla en el mp3, no m deja descargarla ninguna pues toda su musica la tiene protegida lo cual no m hace gracia, no le veo sentido…


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