Hey guys, Natalie here with canine performance and in this video I would like to talk a little bit about car anxiety, traveling with your dog in the car. If your dog is not used to being in the car or they don’t like being in the car, it can be really really stressful.

So if you are at home – and you have a dog that is constantly pacing back and forth in between the different windows, they are barking, they are whining, sometimes maybe they get sick. They’re, really panting really hard, whatever the case may be.

If travel with your dog is really stressful, I have a couple of tips for you, so the first thing is going to be that you have a solid level of obedience with the down command, that’s, going to be really important.

The second thing is that it is beneficial to practice this if you have a helper someone to drive the car and the other person to help assist you with ensuring that your dog holds the down command in the backseat of the car.

So when you get into the car it’s really important that before your dog even enters the vehicle that you have them waiting, they have impulse control. You’re, going to give the command to get inside of the car, and immediately you are going to put your dog into a down position.

Using a leash is going to be really really important. I recommend using a slip, lead to help you with this process or a prong collar. So put your dog into eight down. You’re going to get into the car, and you’re, going to take as much time as you need to have your dog settle into the down position.

There is no rush in this process when you are trying to help your dog overcome car anxiety. As you start, the car, your dog is most likely going to pop up from the down position. You are simply going to mark know and you are going to use the leash guidance downwards and you’re going to recommand down, have the helper.

If that is you in the car to contain to ensure that your dog holds the down position? Bring a high-value food reward so that way you can reinforce the calm behavior. This is something that you should practice several times a week.

If you are struggling with the dog that has a lot of car anxiety when you get to your destination, it’s, going to be really important, that you still ensure that your dog holds the down position, even as you open the door to let Your dog out of the car have them hold it down and have that impulse control.

Let their state of mind settle down just a little bit before you release them with the release command to get out of the car. So, in total, if you are struggling with car anxiety, teach your dog a solid down command, have a helper in the car, bring a high-value reinforcer of food and practice this a couple times a week, so go ahead.

Try it out at home! Let me know if you have any questions and if this worked well for you alrighty guys, so we have reached our destination, and so Doug is in the back of the car and he is holding it down position.

As I open the back of the car chances, are he’s gonna want to pop up from the down command? So all that I’m going to do. Is I’m going to mark? No, I’m, going to use the leash and guide him back into that down position good.

He stayed in the down, so I’m going to mark good and I’m gonna give him a reward. Good job. Buddy and I’m gonna – have him wait here just for a second kind of just relax the state of mind and whenever I am ready, I’m going to release him with the release command and then I’M going to go ahead and take my time do whatever it is that I need to do, and then I’m going to say, heal and I’m, going to bring him into the heel position and walk off to our destination.

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