NordVPN (2019) | Best VPN Service For Netflix/Firestick/Torrenting & MORE!

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NordVPN is one of the two most popular VPNs – why do people absolutely love this VPN?

There are several reasons for it:

1. Price (it’s cheap!)
2. Features (security, Netflix, torrenting, etc)
3. Ease of use (it’s super easy, clean and just WORKS)

This VPN is optimized for various things like Netflix, torrenting and anonymity. It’s difficult to find a service that offers all features at such an affordable price point.

In this NordVPN review, we go over their features and pricing as well as using NordVPN and configuring it.

0:01 – NordVPN as a company
5:04 – Actual VPN usage
5:48 – Servers list
6:31 – Settings
7:28 – Connecting to a server

We are impressed by NordVPN as a company and product. It’s no wonder why they’re often ranked among the best VPNs.

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