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I’m gonna ask you guys some very important questions so we can all help each other save money. Now, if you are unfamiliar with Walmart Plus, you’re watching this video and the program has already started or it’s just about to begin and of course while I will be reviewing Walmart Plus extensively, I wanna mention to you guys that it is a September 15th launch date that has either passed or is just about to happen based on when you’re watching this and I’m going to compare this to Amazon Prime.

Keep in mind though I am not being sponsored by either company. This is just my honest review, although I definitely am an Amazon hardcore shopper but Walmart has its place. And I wanna discuss the perks for Walmart Plus, first.

Let’s discuss the price. The price for Walmart Plus is going to be virtually identical to Amazon Prime. You’re looking at a four cents per month difference. And just to remind you guys, if you are a Prime member you pay $12.

99 per month. If you are a Walmart Plus member, you pay that minus four cents which is $12.94 per month. And if you guys are not yet familiar with Prime, one of the huge perks to the Prime membership program is that you get fast free two-day shipping.

Walmart is planning to up that with the promise that you will get free one-day shipping with a giant asterisk which I’m going to discuss in a few moments. But generally, free one-day shipping for items available at Walmart’s local stores.

The other perks of the Walmart Plus program include an in store shopping experience that Walmart actually launched a couple years ago that they’re now bringing back if you are a membership of this program and this is called Scan and Go.

So, if you’re someone that doesn’t wanna deal with annoying people possibly like me or you don’t wanna deal with crowds or getting body checked as you walk through a store, those long wait lines.

The Scan and Go experience allows you to pay for a product using your Walmart app and your Walmart Plus membership and then never deal with a cashier or the checkout line and that might be a real perk for a lot of people watching right now just as something to mention.

The other benefits of the Walmart Plus membership is that you will get extensive discounts passed along directly to you, specifically for groceries. Now, the grocery delivery tied to Walmart is one of the most popular shopping experience for people, which we saw earlier this year when people didn’t wanna leave their homes and that might actually return to being a reality.

A lot of people do not wanna shop in public for groceries. Now, Amazon dominates around 26% of the grocery online shopping experience. Walmart around 30%. And while Walmart stocks around 160,000 different products, Amazon has 3 million.

So, you might be watching this and you’re thinking, well, why would you ever wanna deal then further with Walmart if you don’t have to? And by the way, subscribers, how often do you shop at Walmart? How often do you shop at Amazon? Do you hate one of these stores? Let me know.

Leave a comment. Perhaps one of the other biggest perks of the Walmart Plus membership is that you also get rewards and discounts on gas. Through a partnership with Murphy USA, Walmart is going to be extending fuel discounts to Walmart Plus members.

And one of the other greatest things about that is if you do have a Walmart fuel or service station in your community, you do not need to do anything other than join this membership to score those exclusive fuel discounts.

Now, it’s my belief as a consumer analyst that this discount will eventually extend to Sam’s Club. Obviously, Sam’s Club owns Walmart. So, I think there’s a partnership that you could take advantage of there eventually without ever having to be a Sam’s Club member.

But similar to the folks that pay a membership fee to Costco and you get the fuel perks, you’re definitely going to see that with Walmart in addition to that free same-day shipping. So, the big takeaways of this program are a four cent per month difference where you’re looking at around $98 per year if you prepay for your Walmart Plus membership, you get the free same-day shipping, you get the fuel perks and the ability to Scan and Go and pay in store and skip those lines, this might be a worthwhile program to you.

That is until you compare this to Prime. Now Prime, love it or hate it has definitely some perks that Walmart is not even going to bother with trying to compete. When Walmart’s corporate team has been asked, are they competing with Amazon Prime? Is this an Amazon Prime competitor? They say, no.

They say, this is just its own thing. Walmart Plus stands on its own and it’s not actually built to compete with Amazon Prime. I’m gonna let you guys decide. But let’s talk very quickly about the Amazon Prime benefits.

So, you obviously get that free two-day shipping and you’re paying roughly the same amount per month as you would if you were Walmart Prime member. They do throw in free movies, TV events and tons of original programming giving you access to more than half a million shows, which is obviously a significant benefit to Prime Video.

Although I know plenty of people that would just rather watch Netflix and don’t use this. I happen to like Prime Video. Especially as a dad, there’s a lot of kids programming, which is very beneficial for my household.

The Prime at Whole Foods Market, I think that’s good. But let’s be honest, if you’re trying to save a lot of money, you probably aren’t shopping at Whole Foods regularly despite some of the perks that you will get there.

The Prime members reading free is a nice perk especially if you’ve got students in your household. You do get some great offers at no additional cost from audible, comic books, children’s books and so on.

And then one of the best things for me if you take a lot of photos, you get that unlimited free photo storage with your Prime membership and if you do shoot video and photos on a Fire tablet or device of that nature, you get some additional perks.

There are some Prime membership perks that many people are not aware of. These are the lesser known ones. You can actually skip the virtual lines and get deals as they are released. And you can actually get early access to a lot of the Prime deals which is great.

Prime, now gives you household items and essentials with a two-hour delivery and one-hour delivery in certain cities, which is nice. Prime Gaming thanks to the fact that Amazon owns Twitch, gives you in-game loot, exclusive surprises, things along those nature.

You get access as a Prime member to more than 2 million songs, You can buy products through the Amazon Alexa voice service, which I really don’t think is a perk, so I’m going to skip that. You do get some additional discounts as a Prime member on exclusive brands.

But one of the best perks of your Prime membership is something called Amazon Family where Prime members save 20% on both diapers and baby food when they have five or more subscriptions arriving. So, that is a huge thing if you are a parent, just built on that.

Now, let’s talk about the big asterisk in terms of shipping. Amazon will give you free same-day delivery as part of your Prime membership on more than 3 million items. And this really is the case unless you’re ordering something from a third party which would be a merchant selling on Amazon.

You know, sometimes you see shipping fees tied to products. Amazon’s just simply serving as the marketplace, not the store. So, just keep that in mind when you do see that ’cause it’s infuriating.

Walmart is telling you they will give you free same-day shipping whenever possible on their stock but that’s only if that stock is available at your local Walmart. So, if you happen to live in an area or a city where there are not that many Walmarts or the Walmart stores are a little bit smaller or you’re trying to purchase something that’s a specialty item, and while I’m doing a lot of hand motions and air quotes, there we go.

You could tell I’m excited and fired up. Your actual purchase will require a minimum spend of $35 if you are shopping at Walmart. So, that is a disadvantage to Walmart Plus. Now, when you hear me list all of these Amazon Prime membership perks and then I list three or four for Walmart, you guys might say, that’s a no brainer, you would definitely go with Amazon but the answer shouldn’t be that simple.

Some of you watching this video right now will think, oh my goodness, I hate Walmart, you couldn’t even pay me the membership fee to shop there. But for others, it’s a matter of convenience. It’s a matter of prices.

It’s not about whether or not you like a store or you love the people that work there. It’s about, how much money can you really save your family? And there’s no doubt in my mind that the customer service on Amazon has always been better.

I did find some personal customer service issues tied to Amazon when this whole change in the world began in March. And Amazon was clearly overwhelmed. Walmart has also improved their customer service significantly.

But if you look at the perks just side by side, the ability to ditch crowds and buy from stores that may be throughout your community is a serious perk. The gas savings is significant. If you drive a lot, if you have an extensive commute, the gas savings in that partnership is substantial.

And then the free same-day shipping on all sorts of products is a phenomenal thing, assuming you make a lot of your purchases from Walmart. But with that being said, I hate both models. Why should we pay stores for the luxury of being able to shop from them? If they’re not giving you a Costco or Sam’s Club experience with extended warranties and VIP treatment and all sorts of wonderful membership programs that actually give you money back if you don’t reap the benefits of what you’ve put into your membership like Costco, I hate this.

We should all get fast shipping, maybe not the fuel perks ’cause that’s a whole different thing but we should all get fast shipping and fast delivery items and same-day delivery whenever possible.

The thought of having to pay out of pocket for that experience is insane. But, if you look at the Prime membership when they throw in the streaming benefits and the cloud storage that definitely sweetens the deal to the point where I can at least palate that membership fee a little bit better.

But that’s just me and of course this channel really isn’t about me, it’s about you guys. I know I’m the person in front of the camera but it’s the people watching right now that have opinions that I wanna hear.

So before I take you through a full in-depth review, if you even want me to do that of what one month is like with Walmart Plus as this new membership program, I’d be pleased to do that. But, do you even wanna use it? Does this sound appealing to you? Would you spend $98 per month for really what is just these three perks? Which is the unlimited free delivery, the Scan and Go and the fuel discounts.

So, think that through. And hopefully, at least watching this video you’ve learned something new. I think just the asterisk of knowing that it’s not unlimited free delivery and you still have a minimum, is something that I really had to dig to find.

So, hopefully that at least made it worth watching. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, get me to 10,000 likes, I will be so appreciative. And if you do like this type of content, if you subscribe and you turn your notifications on, you’ll get a quick simple alert when you, just that bell for notifications from this channel when I have some big savings insight to share next.

Thank you so much for watching. Bye bye.

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Walmart has a BRAND NEW membership program that is attempting to compete with Amazon Prime and it’s… actually not a bad deal. BUT which is better for you? Watch now and decide for yourself!

I’ve been shopping both Walmart and Amazon for years so I was very interested to see the Walmart Membership Benefits vs the benefits of amazon prime. When I saw the news I immediately began to think Walmart+ vs Amazon Prime, i needed to know if the Walmart membership program would even be worth it. I thought this Walmart Plus vs Amazon video would be interesting to everyone so I hope you like it.

In this video The Deal Guy is showing you the Walmart plus membership and seeing how it compares with the prime membership. Is Walmart+ worth it? or is Amazon Prime worth it more? This amazon vs walmart video should help you decide based on what features appeal to you more. I think there are some features of the Prime membership it worth while for some and features of the Walmart plus membership that makes it worth while for others.

After watching this Walmart+ Review or Walmart Plus whatever you’re searching i think you’ll be able to make the decision of Walmart membership vs Prime membership. Let me know in the comments what you think Walmart vs Amazon Prime or Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime, which is worth it more to you!

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