We’re, going to take a look at uh, some add-ons here that are new, updated all that sort of stuff for october. But before we get to that, let’s. Remember ipvanish has a sale on to october 25th. Click. The link in the description below to get that nice discount three dollars 25 cents per month surf the internet in anonymity.

Additionally, viper antivirus has a nice deal on up to the 25th click the link in the description below. If you need some software for your computer last remember to subscribe to my channel channels, fire tv one is also in the link in the description below and lastly, you can check out what i’m, promoting in my amazon store in the description below.

As well so let’s. Get to it here. So maverick is the first one that is up this one is uh maverick used to be popular, and so now it’s back on the deja vu repo list. So you can check that one out for movies and tv shows diamond repo.

This is a real debride one that you can access through the ruby, jewel wizard repo address now full disclosure. This this repo address has a ton of add-ons that have always been great for some bizarre reason.

I can no longer access this repo. Every time i open it up becomes a blank which is weird because apparently in the community i’ve discovered that it should be fine. So i don’t know if it’s, just not working on my system.

You can give it a try if you’re into it and see if it works on yours and report back in the comments below twisted has been around for a while, but this one has been updated. It’s, a nice little all-in-one, and it even has some other add-ons inside of it as well.

So you can check that one out some good categories for all of your viewing pleasures. Uh this one is live. Tv taps is a live. One gives you channels from all over the world. I’ve used this one for a long time with good success.

Some people have reported some issues installing this one. So i again, i’ll. Leave that to your own devices literally, to give it a try if you’re into the live channels – and i use it for sports, there’s.

Tons of live sports for on it, which is cool. The quality is a little crappy, but i can fight through it and there’s, a free one here, the zumo. This is, you can see. We ‘ Ve got free movies and tv stuff.

Again it’s. Uh it’s, one of those ones you’re, just gonna have to experiment with and see what you can find uh for the zumo and, lastly, a little piece of news here. A lot of people have been complaining about venom over the last little bit and it’s.

Only just now come to my attention because i don’t normally use venom is that it has switched over to reel the bridge. So it’s only going to work if you are a real, the brit, subscriber and pay for that service.

So hopefully that answers the future questions about what’s wrong with venom stay tuned for more live streaming. Please give the video a thumbs up comment in the description below you know, say something nice awful.

Whatever you’re gonna, say it’s, fine uh! Thank you very much and enjoy your weekend.

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