Hey guys, it’s, cord cutter dad and in this video i’ll, be bringing you an excellent application that focuses on documentary series and movies. It’s available in your play store, but this one has a twist.

It’s, an ad free version, so let’s check it out, [, Music ], so once again, thanks for stopping by the channel and if we are meeting for the first time. What i do here is all things iptv, whether or not they’re, free or paid applications for movies tv shows and live television.

If it’s got iptv in it. I’m on it. So if you like what i do feel free to go ahead and hit that subscribe, button and don’t forget to check the notifications. Now let’s get into our app. What we are talking about today is magellan tv.

Now magellan tv is available on most of the larger boxes. You can get it on roku. You can get it on firestick and get it on android. You can able to download it directly from there, but this one is different because it’s, an ad free version, and i wanted to bring it to you because it works wonderfully and there’s, no ads associated with it.

So when the system populates you’ll, see that you do have different types of documentaries scrolling by giving you the ideas of things to watch, you can scroll down and you can see new releases or trending.

Now curator picks you even got trailers and then it starts getting into some other types of genres and you can see what’s available all different types of particular genres that you could pick from there’s, one for aviation.

There’s, one that’s; kid-friendly great nature: science, it’s, curated very, very well. I really do like this application. I’ve, been watching lots of great shows with my kids. We just recently watched one on how they build the porsche macan.

It was a great documentary and it literally took you from the time that they started building this vehicle until it was finished. It was a great documentary. I would strongly recommend that if you do download this app, you check that one out all right.

I’m going to back out, and i want to show you over here. In the other section you’ve got the featured button. You’ve, got an explore button and you’ve got genres. I’m, going to focus on the genres first and you can see that there’s.

Great genres. You’ve got biography. You’ve, got space science and technology, and, as i go to the particular genres, the actual shows of what’s available will come up here and you can see all of the different episodes or shows that’s available.

Like for this, for example, this one’s, a an actual documentary episode, this one’s, a series, so it’s, very, very cool. It’s, a mix of different ones, and it’s. Just it’s, wonderful, you’ve, got mind and body as well: earth nature, ancient history, early, modern, current history, war and military, historical drama, culture, crime and mystery.

What i want to do is i’m, going to click on one section: let’s, go to the one that says earth there’s; lots of great visual documentaries in this particular genre. So again, i’m just going to scroll on something we’ll click on that one right there, and in that particular episode or series, i should say you ‘

Ve got four different episodes and it shows you all of the different countries that are going to be focused on. If i click on the first one right there and then you click on watch within seconds. It’s.

Why it’s! It’s on and depending on the type of television that you have. It can either be in 1080 or 4k and it’s. Just it’s, just a beautiful selection. Look at the stunning visuals that are here on this i mean it’s.

Just wonderful looks, like you know, wallpaper right that’s great, so i’ll back out of that. You can put it on your watch list as well and you can rate it and then, if you scroll down there’s, other items that are related to that particular uh documentary.

So it really is a very nice selection. Let’s. Go into another area here we’ve, got nature scroll on something look at the ocean, predators and again all different types of documentaries on different ocean animals.

You can watch it or you can put it on your watch list related type of content. So you can really spend hours and hours and hours watching these shows. Now, when you do download the application you will have to sign up, but it’s, a it’s, a free sign up what you’ll.

Do is you’ll register your device, they’ll, send you some sort of a link and it connects the two and then you’re good to go. But when you download this app there’s, no ads or any fees associated with it.

I’ve. Had this for almost two weeks now and i haven’t had any fees associated with it, current history, war and military. You can see all the different types of items that are here. I mean it’s, just chock, full it doesn’t matter.

What type of documentaries you like there’s, definitely a show or a series for you to enjoy. I love watching documentaries with my kids, i’m all about learning something. When i watch television, you know you can veg out and watch comedy from from time and again.

But when you have something like this, that you’re able to watch it’s great because it gives you the ability to share with your kids – and you know, i’m court cutter, dad it’s. All about the kids, so that’s, really what we’re talking about here back out, i want to go into the explore section as well and again it gives you the ability just to look at different types of genres.

So if you’re, not really sure what you want to watch and you just want to peruse or browse this gives you the ability to do that ticket to the future. Futuristic engineering mega mechanics racing science – i mean there’s, just really cool stuff here, and i hope you enjoy this type of content as much as i do.

I’m going to back out and what i want to do now guys is. I want to take you on over to file linked, because that’s, how you’re able to download this application now, if you don’t know what file linked is guys.

File linked is an application that you’re able to download that will allow you to access people’s stores. Each store has applications of apks for movies and tvs, and these type of items you go in. You download them and you go if you don ‘

T know how to do that. I will put a tutorial up here. On top, it will show you how you can do that once you finish watching this video, you can go ahead and do that. We will be focusing with my buddy streaming tech now.

His store number is 518-29986 518-29986. I ‘ Ll dismiss the button that comes up here. Another pop-up will come here in a second, and i will dismiss this as well by the way, if you are not familiar with streaming tech now he is an excellent youtuber.

You should definitely consider subscribing to his channel. He is truly a friend of cord cutter dad for sure. So, as i said, he’s got a lot of great content, but i’m, not going to focus on everything right now.

I just want to go to the app, so i’m, going to go ahead and go into the search engine and i’m going to put in magellan m a g e l, l, a n hope. I spelled that correctly and i sure did – and he has two different versions – that you’re, able to download one for your fire stick or one for your tablet.

Both of them have this excellent content with no ads associated with it. As i said before, you will have to sign in and actually register, but after that you’re all set and you are good to go. I think you’ll enjoy it guys.

I truly do and i think you ‘ Ll enjoy these other videos as well, so check them out. If you don’t mind cord cutter, dad signing off wishing you farewell, making sure that you like share and subscribe and, as i say at the end of all of my videos, live long and prosper and take care bye.


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