In our last video for July, here we’re gonna take a look at a whole group of add-ons. Some are new. Some have been updated. I’d, like to remind everybody to comment below thumbs up all that sort of stuff and also check my description for some services that are sponsoring my channel.

So let’s get to it here. Firstly, Finn has been updated and this is one that’s essentially for movies and TV shows, and it seems to be very popular right now. It’s. Links are working well, so uh, then, is a good one to go and check out Death Star.

If you’re, not familiar with Death Star, it’s, an add-on that actually has a whole bunch of other like smaller add-ons inside of it, and all of these are essentially shocking up to an all in one here.

So you know, if you’re looking for movies or sports or TV shows, you can start to go through all of these and you’ll find a whole bunch of different services under Death Star next one here is the Riddler again.

This is one for movies, and TV shows it seems to be very popular, all of a sudden, so go ahead and check out the Riddler, a man cave. Actually, this one has the same repo address as uh as the previous one as a Riddler.

So while you’re installing Riddler, you can also stall man cave flicks, even though it’s just as flicks it’s. Good for TV shows again it’s, a bit of an all-in-one. You can see cuz there’s live TV and sports here as well, and some sections so the man cave again.

This one seems to be popular too suddenly so go ahead and check out the man cave flicks next on our list is sanity, and this is a horror one. This one’s from the Sandman repo, so this one requires you to enter a pin system to use it.

It has been robbed data recently, but if the pin system is too much so if it’s a deal breaker for you, then you know don ‘ T worry about this one, but it does have movies and TV shows and, like I said it’s kind of horror.

Themed risque is another one from the butterfingers repo and this one you can see from some of the titles on here. They’ve managed to go towards some sections here, so you can do some searching again all this content from YouTube, so they’ve sort of just gathered it all together into one place.

He can just you know, browse through it and find what you are looking for. Risque is another one of their add-ons. It’s, just in a long line of good add-ons that this particular company has sort of put together for everyone and deja vu has been recently updated.

I included the sections here, so you can take a look there’s. The 4k stuff there’s, some debris, but there’s. Also some one-click things and concerts jukebox online radio, so lots of stuff on deja vu and again, while remind everybody that ipvanish is sponsoring my channel, you can try it for free.

Seven days, money back guarantee just to protect your privacy online. So click on my description in the or my link in the description below to get a special discount and also I’ve, got a couple of links down there in the description for my Amazon store and I’m big into the Fire TV, the fire, stick here: the good prices on them.

They’re, really awesome. They work really well. I’ve got a whole bunch of my house. I just bought a 4k one and I’m looking forward to getting that one working to its fullest capacity. So with that that is our last video for July August is gonna kick off very soon, with a new top 10 video.

So uh subscribe comment that helps my videos appear higher in the search engine which is positive. You people might have noticed that there is another company out there, another channel out there. That is basically doing a total rip job of all of my videos and my JPEGs, and even the things that are said in the video and and somehow they’re surviving.

So I’m, not gonna mention anything more about them, but that’s, just somewhat yeah. Somebody interesting so anyway go ahead and enjoy these add-ons from this video

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