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Ways I will be improving this channel and Help you be more successful!

#1 Focusing on You As a YouTube Creator & This Community
Giving you the encouragement to take things to the next level!
Spend more time answering your questions
Answering Comments
Celebrating your achievements!
Selecting great moderators to help support this amazing community.

#2 Helping You Make Better Content
• Helping you Understand your content so it will perform better.
• Get more view and Visibility for your videos
• Ways to get more subs
• Understanding the YouTube ai & Algorithms

#3 Monetization & Helping you Make More Money
• I know a lot of you are passionate about creating. I feel this is a huge key for you to make this a business
• Helping Creators like you first to become YouTube Partners and leveraging all the ways you can make money here on Youtube.
• Also, showing you ways to make money off of youtube.

#4 YouTube Channel Management and Hacks
• Talking about New YouTube Features on YouTube
• Featuring tools like Tubebuddy, VidIQ, Morningfame, & Collabspace
• Giving you strategies to save you time to create


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