Holy crap guys, we just look out the window and this guy’s boat’s, dragging all the way right. Next to us, we got ta go try to help this guy’s vote. Why we’re on a rescue mission? He said to do whatever we could and that’s.

What we’re gonna do [ Music ]. We’re sailing good, bad and ugly. Three years ago, we bought our boat off craigslist for five thousand dollars. I’m kristen and this is matt. We are known to break the rules and do things a little less traditional [ Music ] hit subscribe to join the adventure thanks to our patrons for keeping us [ Music ] going [ Music ].

What’s up guys? Welcome back to sailing gbu! Today’s, video is just going to be showing you a day on a sailboat during a storm and it’s. 8 a.m. Right now, and as you can see, the weather doesn’t, look bad at all.

It’s, a light breeze and i’m, just gonna document how it goes if you’ve seen our last video we took most of our stuff down and prepped the boat for a hurricane for 50 to 60 Mile an hour winds at least so we’ll, see.

Hopefully everything goes. Okay, it’s about 10, 30 now and the wind is starting to pick up, and i see a few clouds now. The storms are slowly coming in matt’s, working on a few last things, but pretty much.

We’re set to go so it’s, going to be pretty boring if nothing bad happens, which hopefully it is boring, but the howling of the wind has definitely started [ Music ]. So i’m gonna put a couple. Little tie downs on this solar panel, just to give it a little bit of more downward pull it’s.

Gon na be a small preventative measure. Just for now i may beef it up later, depending on what the weather’s going to do, and then also i had some neighbors pull in in front of me. A couple of trawler trevors.

They came in just dropped, anchor and took off, but they dropped a couple anchors. It looked like they knew what they were doing. They must live here. They seemed pretty local, so everyone’s. Staying safe, everyone’s.

Getting out of this storm, we weren’t, the only ones with this idea holy crap guys. We just look out the window, and this guy’s. Boat’s, dragging all the way right next to us all, right guys. So that’s, why you have ditch plants? This is something that these people came.

We were gonna sit here and talk and talk this through what the hell are. We gonna do let’s figure that out not to tell people what to do. We need to figure out what we’re gonna do ourselves. What i think i’m going to do.

Is it as bad as this sounds to look at it? I’m, going to leave it as it is for now, because the wind is never supposed to come more west in that direction. When i looked at the window, it was right next to us, we need to get out like a bumper or something.

What did i just don’t, get how they’re, dragging the wind’s, not even strong, yet it was like a normal day. So far i’m gonna jump in the dinghy. I think i should jump in the dinghy and run to the marina and see if anybody knows, because their dinghy has to be up there.

So maybe sometimes when you’re gonna leave me here yeah, i don’t think that’s, a good idea. This is kind of tough here, because i don’t want to move their boat, but at the same time i don’t want their boat to start slamming into mine when it starts blowing 40 knots.

I don’t want it to drift down to me, then it turns and it comes back. They obviously didn’t, do a great job anchoring it. It’s. Clearly stuck now, though, but man that’s, a really tough, tough, tough position for me to be in marina de salinas, marina de salinas, they’re, not going to know anything about it all right.

We made the decision to send matt off to the marina. I’m. Just gonna stay here and watch out there’s, not really much. I can do if it starts slapping in, but he thinks this is the best idea to rush to the marina and see if he can find something out about the people.

Okay, so the reason i’m gonna go to the dinghy doc is because a lot of people that travel will have contact info on their dinghy. In case their dinghy gets lost. So what i’m going to do is go there find their dinghy.

Hopefully there’s, some contact info – and i can i can hopefully get a hold of them because that’s very very close. It looks to me that it’s still dragging back. Obviously it’s going further and further back.

So i don’t. Think we’re gonna have any problems with it hitting us, so hopefully matt can find them out there and he’ll, be able to hopefully contact them if not their boat just is going to keep going back, hopefully matt hurries.

I mean obviously he’s hurry, but it’s, pretty shallow back behind there. You can see maybe the sand from here, but it might just end up on the sand. Well, it’s, been about 10 minutes, maybe at most – and it looks like the boat – is either just about to be running aground over there or it is, and matt’s still not back and storms are starting to come in, so That’s.

The update i don’t have anything else to really say it breaks my heart to watch a poor boat just drag on back grab the gopro we got ta go try to help this guy’s vote. He’s, probably already on that shoulder, so i flew all around the bay.

I got the guy’s number i had to go to like 10 different dogs, so i found a dinghy where he was and there’s. People i helped some guy like put his anchor chain down and all that craziness too. So i’m back now and his boat’s still dragging i don’t want to touch his boat because then something bad happened.

Hello um, i’m, the gray sailboat that’s right next to you, where you had your boat in salinas, it’s, dragging it’s. It’s out of the mouth. Now. Would you like me to go, try to dive in and make sure your anchors are stuck or something like that i don’t want to get on your boat or do anything without you um, giving me permission.

Okay, what i’m gonna do is get it. What i’m gonna do is get it stuck as best i can you’re, getting close to that shoal. That’s, just south of the uh the entrance. So i’m just going to go, get it stuck um play with your anchors and if anything i’ll, take in a little bit of road once it’s stuck to try to keep you off of that troll.

Do the best i can i’ll, do everything i can with your anchors and then i guess i’ll, just see you when you get here. If you need help, i can dive and do all that stuff. If you need any help, just let me know okay, so he’s about two and a half hours away um and he’s.

Gon na be on his way here shortly so sucks. He’s, gonna be getting here right when the weather’s getting here. So i have a little party today. What did he say? Did he say he? He said he he told me to do whatever i could do to save it, to try to help it.

So let’s, get over there and see what we can do. Does he run aground yeah? So maybe he’s, not on too much [ Music ]. We’re on a rescue mission. He said to do whatever we could and that’s. What we’re gonna.

Do i’m gonna run an anchor out here, set it and then go try to pull him off this shoal. We have a little bit of a lull in the wind, but there’s. A storm coming right there. So it’s. Getting the boat is moving a little bit yeah it’s.

Gon na get pretty rowdy. I’m gonna try to get him off that shoal get him some some wiggle room. Okay. So now i’m gonna go back. I’m gonna get you next to that boat. I’m gonna swim out, set that anchor and then i’m gonna try to pull him out this way, and then i’m gonna start to pull his anchors out too neck is killing me yeah.

I’m standing right here, so i would say he’s right about at his draft level, drop backs, [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ]. So all right! So now i’m, going to jump up on deck and try to pull it off this shoal, and hopefully i can pull it.

We’ll, see play a heavy boat, [ __ ], [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], so [, Music ]. All right. I got him off the shoal. Now we’re gonna go. I’ll reset his mid. I’ll reset mine again and then i’ll reset his third one.

So we ‘ Ll have three anchors and that’ll at least save him until he gets here and then we can do what we got to do then. So you can get a good perspective of his ropes where they’re at they’re, both going out there.

Basically, he was just drifting right along this shoal and they both caught right in like two feet of water. So as the north came in, he would have wrapped right up on that little tiny, shoal, [ Music ] here his roads had crossed over one another.

So i’m gonna get this one out and take it out that way, get into some deeper water looks like he’s, got a pretty beefy anchor. It’s. Well, stuck now feeling some chains, but yeah you see that wasn’t very hard.

That was not very hard to pull up. So we’re going to get this out there. We’re, going to get it stuck watch out. The fish are popping over there. I can’t catch a break today. So basically i just have to lather.

Rinse repeat: do the same thing i just did three or four more times and that’s. Gon na hold him tight till he gets here and then once he gets here, we’ll, be uh. Moving on with the story: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] – all right guys, so i don’t know.

If you can hear me the weather’s coming back in now. I got him pretty straightened away as long as he’s here. Two hours like he said he’d, be this ain’t going to be no problem and we should be able to get him somewhere a little safer once he gets this bad boy running.

I couldn’t tow it. I tried to man dolphin it all the way in there and i couldn’t, pull it but uh yeah. The problem is there’s no chain on the road. It’s just rope, and even though he had a lot of scope out a pretty pretty good size anchor on one of them, the uh without the chain to hold it down, it just pulls the shank right out it’ll.

Keep popping so i hate to critique any captain too harshly, but this uh had a very, very low success rate. I would have not been happy if i’d, have known this was the setup in front of my boat with a tropical storm? Is that how you say it? Something like that was coming and isaiah said no bueno with no chain, so i think it’s good.

Hopefully he gets here and we’ll uh get everything safe. I think it’s. Good, i think we saved buddy some trouble and uh. You know we rescued a boat during hurricane or not hurricane. Excuse me, i don’t want to be too dramatic.

Tropical storm isaiah. I’m, not thrilled that my third anchor, my emergency anchor is somewhere else now, but the rain is coming. Ah brother’s. Coat is over all right, so it’s about 3 30. Here rain setting in it’s, not dark time yet, but it’s getting dark because of the rain clouds.

So i’m gonna go out there and check my anchors, while i still have enough light to do so: [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], all right. So it looks like our buddies – are arriving [, Music, ]. Okay, so you saw our friend leaving his boat was safe and sound, and he was back at the helm.

No bent props, nothing crazy, like that. He ran into another gentleman in the bay that has a mooring that’s, going to be available for him, so he’s just going to get on that. For the night we’re supposed to get some bad weather coming in from the south, so the worst of all of this is coming.

We’re kind of in the eye of the storm right now. I guess, and it’s, going to pick up throughout the night and then it should be more or less over with by tomorrow evening, and i’m, hoping that that works out yeah.

So tonight we might get a bit of weather in for us, but we’ll, see we got that blast of weather this morning and that’s, what blue buddy off of his stuff and then it was pretty rough in there, but That’s.

One thing you’re gonna have to do when you start cruising. If you’re looking into cruising there’s, a lot of rescuing one another that goes on, you know you’re gonna help, your cruisers, so don’t. Be shy if you need help if you gonna, give help just go out there and do it, because we all got ta help each other out and we got ta.

You know be as one but also be very careful like earlier in the video i didn’t want to just jump right on that. Guy’s boat, because everyone’s different. If you’re in a very litigious place like south florida, you know, if you get on the guy’s boat, you’re, pulling his anchors and then something even worse happens.

You may be held responsible for that. So be careful, but at the end of the day you got to do the right thing and you got to follow your heart and we followed our heart. It was all good bad weather. In the morning now we’re, the lull of it.

Now we’re gonna get more bad weather tonight, but it should be manageable. We did all the prep work. I think we’ll, be fine. Now it’s, just a dark terror coming for us darkness. Alright, so just a quick update, it’s about four in the morning right now it’s, getting pretty wild out there.

It’s been a while for about the last two and a half hours she’s. Putting on quite a show, um, pretty tired long day definitely wanted to get some more rest, but i had to go save that guy’s boat, so yeah we’re blowing about 50 knots.

Right now – and hopefully i get some sleep when the sun comes up, it’s supposed to be at like mid-30s 40s range by then [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right guys. So we slept a whole day after the storm, because we didn’t really sleep the night of and the next day we decided to go out and venture and see what the rest of the boat community looked like see.

If boats were dragged up in the mangroves and they were yeah, a couple boats broke loose uh the thing about the storm. Is it just intensified really quickly? So it was nothing then it turned crazy, but we went out in the middle of the night.

Yeah middle of the night and some people, even in other countries, people got hit a lot harder than anticipated, but we went out, saw buddy’s, boat dragged our friend; they got a mooring. Obviously the mooring wasn’t quite up to snuff the chain of the morning just snapped.

I guess it was an older mooring, um, so yeah that was, he had double bad luck. Double bad luck! Sometimes i guess you just got a dark cloud over your head. I don’t know, but i’m glad that we were able to help.

I was lucky that we were in a position to be able to try to help the guy out and do him a favor and it was pretty cool, and it shows that, like we learned when the lady gave us a ride and pattius karma goes around, it Goes in one big circle, so we paid a little out, they paid a little out, but we got him up out of the mangroves and he anchored up.

I think he’s on his way. Now he already took off so go to the marina. Maybe he went to he’s going to st thomas, but uh, so yeah, really nice guy and the reason that his uh anchors were dragging was because he had only rope his windlass on his boat doesn’t take chain.

So it’s, kind of just like a day, cruiser weekender type deal and that didn’t take chain, so he had no no chain on it. Yeah. It explains what he only had and chain is a big deal when you’re swinging, really heavily side to side so chain’s, a big one, but it was cool man.

It was great to be able to help someone uh build up some karmic capital, i guess and uh you know. Life is good yeah. So thanks for watching guys make sure you like subscribe, give this video a share and we ‘

Ll, see you guys. Next week, bye, [ Music, ]

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This week on Sailing GBU we decided to show you what it’s like to live on a sailboat through a hurricane/storm. We knew there would be wind and rain but we had no idea we would be rescuing a boat.

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