Hey guys and welcome back to another techguru video, so today in this video I’m, going to be showing you how to do giveaways on your twitch channel by using nightbot. So nightbot is a free tool. I have a video on how to set up nightbot and get going with nightbot.

So if you need to know how to do that, click, the video that comes up now and the cards there, the YouTube cards, if not you already setup, nightbot know what you’re doing, stick around alright guys once you have logged into nightbot over At beta I bought TV, all of the links will be in the description box below.

If you need to know where those are. You will then want to navigate over to where you see giveaways, which is the third tab right there and remember you do have to be logged in you, do have to go ahead and have your account authorized by night, but all of that’s.

Very easy: once you’ve signed up for nightbot, no problem there and then once you are here. Basically what you’re going to want to do is select a few different options here under eligibility so under eligibility.

Once you’ve clicked on giveaways, you’re, going to be able to select whether or not mods regulars subscribers and users can win a giveaway. So with all of these selected like I have them selected here, if they all have a blue outline, that means anybody in this category is eligible for winning this specific giveaway.

Now let’s run over the few different types of giveaways that we can have here on nightbot, so the first type is an active user, so a user that is active within the past five minutes or eligible to win a giveaway.

So you can also go here and drag this slider here so like a subscriber is now six times more likely to win the giveaway, but if we drag it down here, a subscriber gets. No extra luck. Regulars! Get luck! If you want regular people to win, and not just subscribers and then an active timeout, so users active within the past five minutes, you can make that eight nine ten minutes you could even make it within the next.

You know past two or three minutes. So let’s, make it five minutes and then, if we roll it here, you’re going to see there are no eligible users to win this specific giveaway. Now I have created a spoof twitch account here and, as you can see, the text going in the chat room over there on the right there.

So what we’re going to want to do is we’re, going to look here at the different types of giveaways and then I’ll. Show you what it looks like when someone wins that giveaway the next type is going to be keyword now under keyword.

This is going to automatically mark users ineligible to post the keyword who post that keyword. So, as you’ve, probably seen big streamers, say: hey type in the word, goofy or type in the word football and chat, and that will enable you to win this next giveaway.

So you say: chat alright type in the word key word and then once they’ve typed in that word, that automatically makes them eligible for this specific giveaway. So let’s, go ahead and type in the keyword here.

So if you type in the keyword here as ace, ace, EE, okay and then, if someone in your chat has typed in the word a c e okay, basically that’s, going to allow them to now win or be eligible to win. This specific keyword so again, like I said it’s very simple, to go through here again, you can adjust the slider here to make it more likely that a subscriber will win, but again there’s.

Nobody in there to win this giveaway, so don ‘ T worry about that right. Now I’ll. Show you what it looks like at the end of the video and the last one you can do here is going to be random number.

This one’s, kind of fun. It’s kind of new people. Don’t use this very often, but you can set a minimum and a maximum number, and once I roll it here, it’s. Going to give me a specific number and someone in chat has to hit that number and there is a spam filter.

So you know you can’t just keep typing in 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. So it could be. You know zero to a thousand and someone has to eventually find that. But again you got to remember you. Don’t want people spamming in your chat.

So again, this one may not be one that you want to use, but you can always go and increase and decrease the amount of maximum and minimum number here within this one. So we have active user. We have key word and we have random number and again once someone wins, it will look like this.

So what will happen? Is you will see over, on the left hand, side a list of eligible users for the giveaway that you’re about to run so over? On the left hand side here, you can see this spoof twitch account that I have created with another email address.

This, obviously, is the only one eligible to win here, because I’m, not live-streaming, but if you have a whole live stream going. You’re, going to have a list of twenty thirty thousand, how many people you have in your stream.

These people will be eligible and they’ll, be over here under the users list, on the left hand side. So basically, what will happen is once you click roll it which will be right here, which means start giveaway.

It’s, going to say in chat, nightbot will say: DM porter 74 has won the giveaway. Then, on your end, on the back end, it’s, going to say here’s. The name of the person who won here’s. How long they’ve been following or subscribing since you can see their username here.

So then you’re. Going to want to do is click on the message option here, send a message and they’ll. Take you directly over to twitch to where you can write them a message and say: hey, send me your information, so I can go ahead and send you what you’ve won via the giveaway.

Now I’ve had a bunch of people asking me how to do this again, you can reroll by go to restart giveaway, and then you can cancel right here by clicking the blue X. Now I’ve. Had a bunch of people asking me how to do this, so I wanted to create this video for you guys if you like this video go ahead and slap that, like button don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more great tech content.

Just like this, and as always guys thank you so much for being a part of this community and watching my videos, and I will see you guys in the next one

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