How do you choose to buy VPN router? Should you buy a pre-flashed VPN router, or a flashed router? Should you flash your VPN router yourself? How to choose a VPN router? Find out now!

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For these routers, you can just use Asus or Netgear firmwares, and upload VPN configs. To see how to do this, you can go to your router’s IP from the directions, and upload your chosen VPN config files. Google your VPN’s name then “router config files” and you should be able to find them. Similar to this guide:

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VPN Rankings New System
(see the latest video for current rankings):

#1 TorGuard 5.0/5
Visit TG:

#2 Windscribe 3.83/5
Visit Windscribe:

#3 ExpressVPN 2.6/5

#4 SurfShark 2.5/5

#5 ProtonVPN 1.83/5

#6 NordVPN 1.6/5

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  1. fam, just talk about vpn security. money is no object. i will never pay monthly for software when hardware is 1 and done. jusy want a DOPE vpn router. been lookin for soooooooooooo long.

  2. If you want to connect better with your audience, may I suggest that you look directly at the camera while speaking? I think this will increase your effectiveness and upgrade the quality of your channel. IMHO.

  3. the video name says how to choose a router, you have not mentioned a sinlge model, just pointed to some crappy websites , not everyone lives in america, so for me for example this was a waste of time – watching your face talking about nothing related to the topic

  4. Great video Tom, love your tutorials.
    I already have NordVPN for my cell and laptops. Can I download the NordVPN to the ASUS 3100 myself? If so, how does that work? Thanks!


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