Is it worth using this VPN if it’s free?
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Firefox just launched a beta VPN service that is completely free. But considering how bad free VPNs usually are, is this one different? I think so, considering it’s backed by large reputable companies, specifically Mozilla and Cloudflare. It is pretty bare-bones, with almost no features to speak of besides being able to turn it on and off however. In this video we also do a speed test to compare how the VPN speed is to without it.

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  1. Opera vpn is really bad it makes your internetspeed really slow. Region location also doesn't work I tried hotstar app tried to watch Indian movies but didn't work. So my suggestion not to use opera vpn.

  2. October 22 last year FF announced it was working with ProtonVPN with trial commencing later that month. Is this a continuation of that or was CloudFlare a replacment service?

  3. I've been using Opera's VPN for years, and it's much better than this joke, and works even better with Tor when you let it select a location.
    the only thing I WILL give it though is the cloudflare backend, which might be more secure.
    btw, 1 test result from speedtest is not enough to verify your average speed, I hope you rand multiple tests against multiple servers before picking a good average, otherwise your tests aren't accurate.


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