You could do everything right…and these 4 things could set you back in training😣

The single most frustrating thing to happen when training your dog is to have events happen outside of your control.

An off-leash dog being able to get around you to your reactive dog you’ve been working on rehabbing for months and a fight breaks out.

Your mother (or family member/guest) coming over and when you ask her to not address the dog when she first comes in, to avoid him getting excited (because you’ve been working really hard on guest greeting and no jumping), totally ignores your wishes and screams “OH HELLO CUTIE!! HOW ARE YOU?!?”

High pitched and allows the dog to jump all over her. To which she replies “oh I don’t mind if he jumps, he just loves me!!”

You’re out working on neutrality to new environments when someone comes up and without warning or asking gets in your dog’s face and starts petting them.

These situations are irritating at best and dangerous at worst.

So when this happens what can you do?

Management to the best of your ability is your course of action during the event and proactive measures are the best course of action moving forward.

The off-leash dog you can learn to carry items such as an umbrella, collapsible baton or pet corrector with you.

The family member or guest that constantly refuses to acknowledge your wishes, you need to have an honest conversation with. “Look, I love having you over but if you can’t adhere to the training I’m trying to do with my dog, unfortunately, I can’t have you here in my home anymore.”

The strangers that go to pet your dog, be more vigilant in your environment to intercept them earlier, patches of “DO NOT APPROACH” on your dog and an RBF face that can melt a snowman doesn’t hurt to have as well🤣

However, at the end of the day, these are normal parts of owning and training a dog. We have to troubleshoot in real-time, learn from those moments, ensure our dogs recover and continue to move forward.

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February 11, 2020

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