Now i’m, going to show you the initial setup for something you require to download what we’re installing here. So we need to move from the top over to the right onto your logo and then move down to settings.

Click on settings from there you are going to go down to system and you can click to the right here and then we’re going to move down to about and then once again we’re, going to click to the right And last we’re, going to go all the way down to the bottom here, android tv os build and we’re, going to click it seven times so that little dot in the middle of your controller click that seven times one Two three: four: five: six: seven yay.

We are now a developer. So now what we need to do is we can go back to the home page and you can just click the home button on your remote and uh. We need to download the downloader. So we’re, going to go to apps and let’s move our remote down until we get to search for apps.

So let’s. Click on search for apps, and now we’re, going to enter the name downloader and it will probably appear before we finish typing it. All in downloader appears here in the orange. So i’m, going to click on downloader and i’m going to now click install and open.

Now, the first time we’re going to have to allow it so let’s. Click allow and we’ll press, ok and then what we’re going to do. Is we’re going to have to install a plug-in because this won’t exactly work? Yet if you go to browser it’s, going to tell you here that we need to enter browser. So let’s, go back to the home and we’re going to enter that here and we ‘ Ll move down the bottom right here and click on it and first thing we’re going to do is before we install this.

We’re, going to click on settings and we’re going to click. Allow and then i’m, going to press the back button on my remote and i’m, going to click, install and then done, and we can delete this file now.

Just so things. Don’t get all backed up here and now you see when i go to browser now, i actually have access to things back to the home page. Now they’re back on the home page. Here, let’s. Click on the box and we’re going to type in the following.

Once you’ve typed in and go to the bottom right and press enter it’ll. Take you to the website. You can see the latest versions that are available. I’m, going to scroll down down down until we come to download.

Now let’s, click on download now and install, and you can click done and delete the file or you can open it up and see what it looks like and let’s. Do that and we will allow – and i’m – going to accept this and finally press ok and now we are into cinema, so you go up to the top left here.

There’s, a few options there’s. Your tv shows you ‘ Ve, looked for some downloads, you can download stuff settings checking for updates. If you’d, like to do a search, we’re just going to move over to the right here and we’ll, go to the searching box here and you can type or say whatever.

You want to watch and see what comes up mandalorian. Oh there you go. So there is cinema, a p k,

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