so we’ve. Seen your comments. It’s, always a competition with her. We’re sailing good bad and ugly. Three years ago we bought our boat off craigslist for five thousand dollars. I’m kristin and this is matt.

We are known to break the rules and do things a little less traditional [ Music ] hit subscribe to join the adventure thanks to our patrons for keeping us going [ Music ]. What’s? Up guys welcome back to sailing gbu.

Today is an episode that i know many of you have been waiting for. Yes, many questions you’ve been waiting for it. We’ve, been waiting for it. A lot of people kind of ask questions why you’ve, been laid up in salinas.

So long. Did you move to puerto rico? You’re puerto ricans. Now we do love puerto rico and i think we are honorary puerto ricans. Maybe let us know in the comments, if you’re from here, throw us a quick, waypa and uh, but we were waiting on sales waiting on some sales and the sale has arrived.

Finally, we got a brand new sale. We got a main sale that we’re gonna be unleashing today. If you guys don’t, remember back when we were in. Where was it oh hobos hobos we were sewing up our mainsail it.

Basically, we bought a old one that was used when we decided to start the sailing journey and it’s old, weared and teared, and it’s thin, so we needed a new one yeah. I was sick and tired of sewing up that old sail that sail had more stitches in it than i had in my face back in the day, and that was kind of a kindred spirit for me, but it was too much we needed some battens.

We needed this thing to sail better because it was just a soft old floppy sail, so we got the new one and we’re gon. Na put it up now made some improvements. Let’s, get it [, Music ]. It’s, always important when you’re, getting new sails, not just 30 other ones in the ocean, your old ones.

It’s, important to throw your old ones into the ocean. It’s. Uh! Good luck! It’s, an old maritime thing, y’all probably know about it, but i just taught you wow. I can already tell just from touching it just by seeing these flakes in it that it’s, going to be a lot stiffer than my old one, and i think this is going to let us point it’s going to give Us at least 5 to 10 more degrees into the wind.

I think i think we’re, going to be able to sail straight into the wind with this bad boy. So, as you know, we work with precision sails. We got one sail from them before a hank on head sail and we loved it so much.

We tested it pretty hard going against the trades here for the last. Let’s, see. When did we get that in february? Something like that, so it’s been almost a year that we’ve had that sale and we loved it that thing’s been awesome, so we decided head sails.

Amazing! Let’s, see what the mainsail is all about. So with this sale, i got a little bit deeper into the designing and just kind of the thinking about what a sale needs to do and all sorts of different environments, and also thinking about different distance of passages.

Obviously, now we’re working toward the wind, and you want a nice stiff sail for that and that’s. What the battens were for to keep me nice and straight this way. I could fight against the wind and get as much as i could, but then also if i wanted to make a longer passage where you’re, going to hit rough weather and there’s no land in sight.

So you kind of got to deal with the sails you have i put in a third reef so that i can refit way way down to where it’s a little bit bigger than like a tri-sail, but it’s a lot Smaller sail that i could handle and up to probably like 50 50 knot.

Winds, keep me some steerage without having to uh rip my mast down and then also with this sail. Another major difference that i did was: we went with a free, footed mainsail. Our last one was a fixed foot, which obviously has the little tracks that slide in holds the bottom.

In completely i don’t really know what the advantage to that would have been maybe keeps the sail, tighter and straighter, but with the free foot. The studying that i did is that it gives it a little bit more of a curve like a natural curve to the sail and you get more power, better performance and then, obviously, if you get caught in a bad spot, you can just cut the foot loose And it’ll fly out and kind of depower your sails like let’s, say a halyard got stuck at the top and bad weather was coming.

You couldn’t, get your sail down, something got jammed up there. You could always cut the foot and then kind of try to tie it up and get your get your windage down. So those were the major improvements we made on our main sail, not only getting a newer sail with newer fabric that’s, going to be stiffer and less likely to tear and things like that and just d thread, which is what our old sail Was kind of just the threads were coming loose, but we also got the third reef in the free footed and the full battens.

Hopefully, those three improvements will make a lot of performance enhancement for us. I’m excited to sail with it all right guys, so we’ve. Seen your comments, we read them and we agree. We are hardtop.

We made is made out of pvc, and we don’t have any cloth on it. We want to sew canvas, we haven’t gotten around to it. So for the time being, we decided to paint it. A lot of people said to paint it, it should protect it for a little bit, and this is just going to be a temporary thing.

We got to be really careful not to hit the solar panels, because we have noticed with our new solar panels that even a little bit of dust brings them down, so you have to. We have to wipe them, keep them very clean.

We don’t want to get paint on them. So let’s. Do that now and protect our new hardtop storm is coming, but i’m prepared. I’ll, be gone for a while, but don’t, be scared, [, Music, ] right now i don’t know.

If i’ll ever [. Music ] is [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], all right guys. So if you thought that was exciting, we have something even more exciting something that we thought of a long time ago was definitely on our hope.

One day we can get this for our boat and today is that day yeah i used to make fun of people for having these, because i say it was soft soft [ __ ] sailing, but i’m. A soft [ __ ] sailor. Now i give up hank on sales are no fun, so we got a roller furling system.

If you don’t know what a roller furler system is. It’s, basically a long stick that goes up. Your four stay with a wheel on the bottom that can roll up your sail completely or let it out completely or roll it up to the middle, and you can do some reefing pretty easily there and you don’t have to fold up your Sails and they’re, not hitting the deck.

So basically just keeps your sail off the deck it’s, a really easy way to deploy it and employ it. I don’t, know open it and close open it and close it by the cockpit yeah you don’t have to go outside open close.

It takes up less room, it’s. Really great. We’ve done a couple years now of the hank on sales, and you got to fight with them sales when you hang them on that’s more of a crew thing. It’s, not really just for two people.

When you’re covering hundreds of miles or it’s, not ideal in the dark, no, while we were looking into furlers, we looked into a lot of different companies. I’m sure you guys have seen a few. You can just look up roller furling systems and a bunch will pop up, but we went with cruising designs: international, otherwise known as cdi um cdi furling systems.

What we found interesting about it, what kind of drew us to it? Is it’s, a plastic extrusion? It’s a little bit lighter than the metal systems as far as weight, and it’s, much less intricate. It’s. Just a rolled up plastic extrusion that you can unroll, you can install it yourself.

There’s, not a million little parts to it and and it’s, a plastic drum as well. So there’s, nothing! There’s, not much to corrode things like that to get jammed up. It was a really simple system. I was intrigued when i saw it it has a halyard installed, so it’s like a self-contained halyard, so it doesn’t, take up one of your halyards.

That was pretty cool too, so it’s, just kind of always ready to go. They have a really good reputation for lasting a long time and being really tough, and i was kind of worried that it wasn’t going to roll out straight, but it actually came out really straight.

So i’m, really really excited to use it, and i can’t wait to uh to see what the sale looks like when it’s pulling the boat along pretty cool, they can ship anywhere and you can just Kind of install it yourself, you can do a self install you, don’t need a bunch of stuff and speaking of install, we decided to try to make it hard.

We said: let’s, just do it all on the boat. We i say we, i must have a mouse in my pocket. No, there was just me. Basically, i was like. Oh let’s, see you know they can ship it anywhere. You can install anywhere in the world.

Let me see how true that is. Let’s, see if i can install the whole thing from box to on my uh for stay on the boat. So i tried to do that and as we know here on gbu i tried and i failed. I’m, not ashamed to say it.

What am i supposed to be embarrassed? I’m, not embarrassed the uh. The extrusion was 50 feet long and it was just a little bit too long for my boat. I didn’t quite have a room on deck to deal with it, and i didn’t want to mess anything up.

I probably still could have made it work back in hindsight, like once i got on land and everything kind of went smoothly after that, i probably could have made it work, but i didn’t want to do something stupid and mess up our furling And you only have a few hours yeah there’s a little bit of time, sensitivity with getting it uncoiled and all that stuff.

So i didn’t want to waste too much time. I didn’t want to mess anything up, so i went ahead and ran like a nanny to land and fixed up the furler. So i got some clips of that right here check it out. We tried to do it on the boat.

We failed. The boat was way too hard and i just felt like i would scuff it up. It does seem possible to do, but it’s going to be a lot easier here, and you know time is of the essence. With this extrusion you don’t want to you.

Don’t want to diddle battle, so we came to the marina, and now we’re, going to try to pretty much bend the coil all the way back around on itself and then tape those ends together. Then we have to let it go for about three hours, all right guys.

So, as per the instructions, it says to let it sit like this for three hours and then pop it loose to see how good it’s done so it’s been three hours. We’re gonna see how straight it got [ Music ], but now we got to get her back back to the boat here’s where the fun starts.

So we’re super excited guys. We’ve, been waiting on getting these items, so we can have a better sailing season. Now we’re. Just waiting on our head sail: yeah, it’s, been a long, hard hurricane season, a boat project after boat project and uh.

These were they got a lot done, though matt this has been a good. Oh, oh, we got a lot done. You got a mouse in your pocket now the mouse jumped back. You know what i tie-dyed these pillows guys remember and you cranked me off the master bedroom and you remember those seamstress hands going through the machine.

It seems for his hands. It’s. Always a competition with her i don’t know. Why told me: oh yeah, yeah anyways, we’ve, gotten a lot of work done, let’s. Take a look at everything that we ‘ Ve got done this hurricane season, [, Music, ] and don’t.

You know don’t. You know that love [ Music ] got no class. All attributes don’t know. If i’m talking about me, [ Music ], the train don’t, you know that love don’t. You know baby [, Music, ] all right! So now i, the wind’s, calm down a little bit.

I’m gonna try to install my battens. They say that you should do this slowly, because these can just fly out and kill everybody, but i’m. Pretty sure i can just grip this one spot. Oh my god, should i be running matt.

You’re opening those at me. Oh god, maybe you cut them and i ‘ Ll hold them sounds like we ‘ Ll. Go like this: oh yeah, let’s, wrap it around by our prized possessions, [, Music ]. Why are you ever like, following the directions of anything because rules were meant to be broken? And here on gbu we’re known to break the rules and do things a little bit differently.

You don’t. Even remember what our interest is. You jerk, oh whoa, whoa, whoa ow. I got injured everybody. Sorry it slapped out and hit her like a can of snakes, like i said, and you’d: never listen: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], um, [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], all right guys.

So it’s, getting around 6 pm and the mosquitoes are going to come out now. So i hope you guys enjoyed our video. I hope you liked our new sale, hopefully our other head sale will be coming in shortly, so we can go sailing.

Finally, and start moving along on our journey, i’m done with the boat projects. I’ve, been done on with the boat projects, and i’m, just really excited for the new things to come and how this sailing season is going to compare to the last one.

When we didn’t have as many items so make sure you guys like this video subscribe. If you’re new here and we’ll see you guys next week, bye, [, Music ], you

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