what’s up guys? So this week we have to set the boat up for success for hurricane durian. It’s, going to actually hit tomorrow, Thursday, here in the dr and we haven’t done anything yet yeah.

All the oh geez here and lupron say that it’s, not going to be that much of an issue, and now that we get closer and closer, it does seem to be pushing a little further east and north. So it’s. Looking like it’s, gonna be a bigger problem for northern Bahamas and central to northward, uh, possibly even other states, but it’s, gonna more or less miss us.

However, I think we need to do our due diligence here and prepare for whatever stronger winds and swell you’re gonna set up for success. We’re, not gonna, be one of those people that just let it ride and then something horrible happened.

We’re gonna get some gas today. What else are we going to do? We’re gonna get some extra fuel, some water, probably re-up, and get some more ice. We’re. Definitely gonna have to get some rum just in case and a little bit of food, simple things like that and then set up the morning a little bit more secure and tie down some sails and some solar panels and stuff like that.

So come along with us, we’d, probably have to get one of those fun moto contro, so it’s. Gon na be an adventure okay. So here in looper on since it’s, the world’s. Best hurricane hole, or at least the best in the Caribbean, all the fishing boats.

All the tankers have been coming in here day by day by day they’re, all just crashing into the mangroves and tying up. So you know when you see so many boats come in and tie up. It makes you feel good about where you’re at, but it also makes you feel the very real possibility of property loss, personal injury and things like that.

So I’m glad to wear out today. Prepping we’re, not getting caught with our panties down. You know we’re. We’re here. We’re ready out. I almost got ran over sorry guys. You know Gringo’s like to walk in to know the road for no reason here, but we’re prepped.

We’re, not getting caught slacking, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, check the food provisioning off the list. We got some oj, we got some bread, we’ve, got some pointless, [ Music ] all right.

So we got all of our packages and things bought and our gasoline now it’s back to the boat for the labor. Alright, so I got all my jugs that could fly away in the cockpit where the winds just gonna go right over and keep it safe.

So none of these becomes cannon balls to my neighbors and just to have a handy in case something goes buck-ass. Well, I always like to have a bucket of like short lines and some tie downs right here, so I can run down and get to these little lines fast.

In case I got to strap something down real, quick, something’s popping off too hard. Next, we’re, going to tie down the Boone, the mainsail I took the head, sail and stowed it away. Now we’re going to tie down the boom so that when the wind’s flying back and forth it doesn’t blow.

My whole sail up and blow me away. I’m sure Matt said something before on the channel, but he once had a boat that he let his dad live on after he left and that boat did sink during a hurricane and the was that hurricanes named hurricane Matthews.

It was my namesake sunk, my first boat, but I was now responsible for it. It would have never happened. The whole top like he went down later to dive it in the whole top had separated from the bottom wasn’t it in three pieces.

It wasn’t more than three pieces while we’re sitting here. Tying everything up all the other cruisers are at a party right now, probably celebrating the hurricane having a great time, making fun of us all sitting in the corner laughing at it.

But if something goes wrong, guess who’s gonna be laughing? I guess I shouldn’t, be hoping for that. Also, thanks to everyone in the comments who’s been worried about us thinking about us during the hurricane.

That means a lot to us at people out there thinking about us all right. What’s? Next? I got ta. Get this thing’s hot you, don’t, want a gap to fly hundred miles per hour into our skulls. No, I do not want the gap.

You know what they & #. 39 re gonna put the gas down there and I think that’s. What I’m gonna do cuz we don’t want this bad boy flying around that’s for sure all right. Next step, I’m, pulling all the chain out so that I could one make sure that my anchor chain isn’t kinked up or stuck in case.

I do have to deploy it in an emergency. He’ll, come out fast deploy because one time I did get it all tangled up in there and I went to throw the anchor down and I couldn’t, get it out for a little minute and it was a kind of A scary time for me, so I’m gonna making sure the my anchor chains not twisted, and also I have a road down at the end of there, that I’m, going to use as my third safety line.

For my additional mooring line, yeah, if you guys didn’t know we’re actually on a mooring ball. Okay, so I did just find a big tangled up part of my chain, as I was pulling it out when you’re on anchor and the boats swinging around and round and round in circles from currents and wind changes.

It’ll kind of rotate the chain where the links will kind of bind up and kink and they get a lot bigger and they don’t fly through this pipe that puts it down into the bow of my boat. So if you get a closer look here, Kristin’s, going to show you what I’m talking about and why it can be problematic.

[ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right! As you can see, we have a couple lines down there on the mooring boat. We’re, just gonna add one more and I’m gonna lasso it up. My ribs really did hurt one thing: I’m.

Really looking forward to about this hurricane, not that I’m, really looking forward to a hurricane. Well, actually, two things the waves. Hopefully we get some waves. I will be looking forward to that, but the deck is cleaned and now the decks clean.

Hopefully, when we get some rain, I’ll, be out here with my deck brush in hand, scrubbing scrubbing the deck, because loop runs in like the worst drought. They’ve had in a quarter century, or something like that.

So you’d, never dream of using fresh water, and it very rarely has been raining. So we haven’t get to clean the decks in a good long. While I might even get Kirsten out here, if it rains, you know, I might go to a bikini, you might need to be out here, swabbing the deck.

You know every time it gets rain and she one she just wants to curl up with a good book. But yeah the rain here they desperately need, though the cows and all that stuff or getting skinny. So if we get a good bit of rain from here or from this storm, it’ll, be good for us and it’ll, be good for the cows yeah all right.

So I’m. Looking at all these other boats and no one’s setting up for success, so I’m gonna pull out my my bumper. So in the middle of the hurricane I’m gonna run from side to the side bouncing off everybody else’s boat, saying no, you can’t hit me.

You can’t hit me. What do you guys think about that idea? It’s gonna work right. What are you doing? Matt, I’m tying down the solar panels so that a big gust, doesn’t come along and blow away all my power situation.

What do you think about my bumper idea? I think you’re gonna kill it on that bumper idea, I think when it comes to bumper in you have a lot of talents. I think I think you’re fearless in the face of danger and you’re.

You know you’re, not gonna, be afraid to run out there with that little bumpy bump and start fighting off. All of these other boats – and you know we’re all in this together, while you’re bumping that off.

Maybe I’ll come over here. If my ropes, don’t work and I’ll – lay down on the panels to save a save our power system or power grid from going down all right. So here we are it’s. The day of I guess this is probably the closest Dorian’s.

Gon na come to the Dominican Republic. I’m walking down to the beach, because I’m looking to have a bit of a surf today. Hopefully there are some waves pumping in it’s, probably uh 200 miles from us right now.

So I’m, hoping that maybe there’s, just a faraway swell that made its way down to loop Iran. For me, as you can see behind me, there is no swell hell of a long walk for nothing, alright guys. So we didn’t get any wind.

We didn’t get any rain. I think we got a little bit of sprinkle. Last night and the hurricane is gone and it’s. Gon na hit America now so hopefully everybody’s safe in America and Florida, but we did do our prep, so it could help other people later on to see some tips and tricks, but leave yours down in the comments below and we’ll see you next week, thanks for watching like and subscribe bye, [ Music ], [ Music ]

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This week on Sailing GBU we show you how we prep for Hurricane Dorian. If we were setting up for a stronger Hurricane we would remove all of our sails. So don’t forget that step! Thanks for watching!
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