Get all the best VPN offers from around the internet and teh best vpn service 2019 to suite you, This list has by far the top 5 vpn services this year !!

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Best VPN 2019 – A List of your Top VPN options !!

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  1. Thanks doc.. I like express VPN it is a little more expensive but it keeps zero logs and it is very fast. Pure VPN would be my next choice it is extremely fast as well.

  2. ipfreely should not be included in this list as its not out long enough to see a proven track record of reliability, especially when a Proven vpn like one as big as PIA vpn is not listed, imo.

  3. Hello Doc,im with IP Vanish and at the end of the month its time to renew it.I took out a year sub last year and have been very happy but, will they offer me another year deal or will the price increase.Many thanks and nice conent, please keep em coming.

  4. doc ive always trusted you but have to say the vpn is shit and they will not refund i have ipvanish and im running this one along side ipvanish works no problem this one is buffering none stop even when i change there settings.

  5. Doc…why would you include Nordvpn when you ripped it to shreds a few weeks ago!! I cancelled it on the strength of that review hence why have just watched this vid so as to find one you might be recommending!


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