Hey everyone, this is your amusing and charming YouTube expert, Derral Eves. Now you’re looking to edit some YouTube videos, you’re trying to figure out what to buy. Or maybe, just maybe you’re looking to upgrade your video editing software to give power and more features.

Well I get asked all the time by my subscribers and different people on what video editing software that I actually use and recommend. Now whether you’re just starting out new or you’re looking to step it up a little bit and add some new features, this is your video.

Why? Because I’m going to give you my picks for the best free solutions and the best paid solutions for video editing software for both windows and Mac users. Stay tuned. derraleves.com. Now if you’re just starting out editing videos and want to do some minor editing on your videos, I’d recommend starting with a few free applications.

Alright my first pic is Windows movie maker. Now this is made by Microsoft and it’s free for all you Windows users. Now this is a really simple program and it lets you edit movies and even make slide shows and it’s done semi-professionally.

You’re able to create you know some titles, some transitions and some effects and even add a few sound effects and music. Now the pro is, it’s free. The con is you get what you pay for. So don’t expect for this to be some amazing program that you can do all these different things, all these different effects.

This is just a simple application. Now for the free editing software for you Mac users. Now what I would recommend is iMovie. Now iMovie is great. It’s really, really simple. Honestly my mom has edited a few videos and she’s doing it like a pro.

Now all you do is just select your clip, you chop it down a little bit and you can kind of insert it into the timeline. You can put in titles and effects plus Apple actually gives you a lot of free things like they give you royalty free music, some sound effects to use.

You can have some fun options to even create movie trailers, kind of like Hollywood. Now there are 29 different types of trailers to pick from. From adventure, to super hero, to travel, whatever it may be.

Pretty, pretty fun stuff. Now iMovie makes it really easy to share your movies with the ability to upload automatically to YouTube right from the application. Now this is a really great feature to get your feet wet for video editing so I definitely recommend iMovie.

Now let’s switch gears a little. Let’s focus on some good paid video editing software. The first one for Mac and Windows users is Camtasia. Now if you watched my other video on the best screen recording software out there.

That was one of my pics too. Now besides recording your screen, Camtasia’s great for other types of video editing. There are also some great ways to animate content. You can call outs, make your text fly across the screen, images can bounce up and down.

Text can scroll and more. So big thumbs up for Camtasia. It’s one that is a great screen recording software but also good video editing solution. Next is ScreenFlow. This little baby, this little software, literally can do everything.

I do a lot of editing on ScreenFlow. All my screen shot tutorials are there. But you can also do everything that Camstasia does plus is has some really, really cool effects that Camtasia doesn’t. Now the thing that I really love about ScreenFlow is that its really easy to do transitions.

You can actually just drag clips together and it just combines. You don’t have to throw in an effect, it automatically does it and then you can select that effect. I really love using it for my light editing for my screen recording for all my tutorials.

Let’s go ahead and take it up a notch. My next recommendation is Sony Vegas Pro. Now Vegas has been around for a while and we are not talking about the city here. You know they have some great things that really can really speed up your work flow.

I really really like the ability that you’re able to expand the edit mode and see the timeline in detail, both your A-roll and your B-roll. It’s pretty cool. I found that the image stabilization is really good and they also support 4K and have a great library of effects.

However the masking feature is really really weak. But all in all, this is a very solid product. Now for my last two favorite. Now you might have been using Camtasia or another multi-track editor. The natural upgrade for a multi track editor would be my pick, Adobe Premier Pro.

There are a lot of amazing videos that you actually see on YouTube and they were actually created with Adobe Premier and let me tell you that Premier really really rocks. It’s extremely powerful and you can do some fast editing for big projects.

With Adobe Premier there are way too many features to list. It would literally take me an hour to explain everything that you can actually use in this software. What separates Premier Pro from the rest of the crowd is how they use their features and how they come together.

Adobe understands that every editor in the world and every project has unique needs and they created the application to really customize it to fit those needs. Personally I love the way that it actually manages files and they way that they use proxy files.

Okay I realize that I’m really geeking out over here but this is a really amazing application to edit all different types of video projects and a lot of big projects that my company actually does, we do on Premier.

Why? Because Premier works beautifully with Adobe After Effects to create those really amazing effects that can really draw in an audience plus using Premier I find myself saying, man I didn’t know that it could do this, or I didn’t know that it could do that.

It’s cool. So super big two thumbs up for Adobe Premier. Now for the application that I use on every single one of my YouTube videos for my channel and the reason that I love it is because it’s lightening fast to edit and it’s Final Cut Pro X.

Now if you’re using ScreenFlow or iMovie, the natural progressions is to upgrade to Final Cut Pro. Now I just love Final Cut and why do I actually love it? Well the media management with library’s and how it organizes everything, it also can detect media.

People detection, shot detection. Think about that for a second, you can literally find a shot that you like and it will detect other shots like that, it can pull it all together and the great thing is, is some automatic tagging that it does with keywords and site structure off of your people and media detection.

Now the reason why I love it so much is that it’s lightening fast. Super fast to edit. You can actually put clips together and pull together like this and it has a magnetic thing that literally stops it so you’re not colliding the clips and having things go out of sync.

The multi cam feature is simply amazing. It allows you to select videos and photos and the multi clip you can automatically sync them by angles by time of the day, time code, markers, audio wave form.

Literally list goes on. What I love about it is when we do music videos, we can have several different videos going at the same time. We have maybe 16 different shots and we’re able to switch just on the fly and see what things look before it actually renders.

It’s super fast. I love it. This is just a great application, I just really it. Super huge thumbs up, super huge thumbs up for Final Cut Pro X. Don’t forget to subscribe. In fact why don’t you become a Super Subscriber! Just hit the subscribe button and you’ll see little gear there.

Hit it and click the button that says send me updates and YouTube will literally notify you when I release my videos every week. I would love to to hear what you think of my picks in the comments below and I know that I left a lot of video editing software out there.

Tell me what your favorite video editing software is and why you would actually recommend it. I want to know what features you actually use in that software. Now I’ve made a few videos in my day and some really good about teaching you all the ins and outs of YouTube and video Marketing and so much more so take a minute and watch a video or two and you can even do the binge.

You can do the YouTube binge. Just don’t purge that would be gross. Thanks guys!

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Looking for great video editing software to edit your YouTube videos, so you can edit like a Pro… I give you my best video editing software picks for beginners to Pro (Free & Paid Picks) for both Windows and Mac users.

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Best Video Editing Software For YouTube
Windows Movie Maker (PC)
Free video editor for Windows users.

iMovie (Mac)
An easy to use video editor for Mac users.

Camtasia (PC/Mac)
Great to record your screen and for beginners with video editing

ScreenFlow (Mac)
My favorite for screen recording and light editing.

Sony Vegas (PC)
This is a powerhouse for video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (PC/Mac)
Adobe Premiere Pro is my companies favorite and the of the most powerful video editing programs for Mac and Windows.

Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
I use this video editing software everyday to edit one thing or another. I edit all my tutorials on YouTube with this bad boy!

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