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149 POSTS 0 COMMENTS more so you have less to correct. During a phone consult yesterday, one of the things I said was: . “I say “good” and “bad” choices -quote in quote- because the dog doesn’t see what he’s doing as bad. To him, all choices he makes are good because he’s doing exactly... dog’s breed is not an excuse🗣 . “Huskies can't be off-leash.” . “Chihuahuas are just yappy” . “Labs are always going to be overexcited around people and will never be calm.” . “Bulldogs can’t be trained because they’re lazy.” — Well, you better tell my husky she’s doing the off-leash thing wrong. Or the Frenchies and the bulldogs I’ve... this episode, Natalie covers the 3 C's of Control: 1) Control over your dog 2) Control over your dog's environment 3) Control over YOURSELF visit us on the web at IG: @canine_performance Canine Performance Podcast Episode 10 November 8, 2019 ★ Episode details: ★ Additional episodes: #canineperformance #dogtraining #dogtrainingtips #dogtrainingadvice #dogtrainingpodcast just a few days of planning, we packed our bags, rented a car, loaded up our two pups Atlas & Aurora, and embarked on a 1,200+ mile drive from Holly Springs, NC to Sugarland, TX. A few months back Matt Hubble had chatted with Maxx Chewning over IG about... this episode, Natalie dives into Dog Training Pillar #4, Clear Communication! She explains why this is so fundamentally important, the history of establishing communication with dogs, and answers your questions. Find Us At: IG @canine_performance Canine Performance Podcast Episode 4 September 17, 2019 ★ Episode details: ★ Additional episodes: mark and reward at the wrong times. I use a marker and grab food at the same time. I mess up my leash handling. I miss opportunities to correct behavior. Rookie mistakes. Yup. I do it occasionally. And I bet many other trainers do as well from time to time. I bet you... Too many choices are scary. Not enough information to make those choices are even worse. Who here has overthought a new relationship?🙋🏻‍♀️ . Maybe one day something feels off, you read a message that makes you think something is wrong and you get it into your head that they’re going to break... this episode, Natalie reflects on our trip to Houston, TX. We also discuss why you should not take your dog to the dog park! IG: @canine_performance Canine Performance Podcast Episode 6 September 29, 2019 ★ Episode details: ★ Additional episodes: