Matt did somewhere Jimmy jiggers. I’m furious. What’s up guys, welcome back to sailing GPU? We still are currently in Puerto Rico. Obviously the coronavirus has been keeping us here. We could go further down the road, but we’re staying safe right here for now, and we’ve been looking at these four walls for a long time and we’ve, seen a few projects that we could do To make our boat better, yes, we are in this safe Little Bay.

So we said you know what it’s. Let’s, get this boat ready to sail, because once the world does finally open back up, we’re kind of gonna have to haul butt around anywhere. I’m sure you, Porto Rico does yeah.

I mean the thing is we can’t really go about and sail and have fun because it’s. Still recreational boating in not allowed not allowed to do that. So we decided we’re gonna get a boat project on today, and this is one that I’m, really excited about it’s, a big one.

For me, it’s. Gon na help me stay safe and hopefully not die out there. One of these days, so we’re gonna hit up like a DIY repair, for usually this cost about five six hundred dollars. I think we’re gonna be able to repurpose some old materials that we have and do it for about ten bucks with some old ingenuity in some hard work, elbow grease and selling more sewing so check it out.

This is gonna, be a big one, and hopefully you learn something. Hopefully you’ll, learn something all right guys. This is our sail cover. It had some poop on it from birds, it’s, a little ripped up and it’s.

Never been that great. We just use it strap it around our sail to keep it out of the Sun. But today we’re gonna transform this beast and we are going to make this into our lazy jacks system and for those of you who don’t know what a lazy Jack system is here’s.

What it is okay, so how lazy Jack’s system works. Basically, this is the main sail and when you take the main sail down the winds blow and you got to do something you got to reap it. This as it comes down, falls all over the deck and it’s crazy.

So basically, what you do is you get the clock. Part of the lazy jack goes from here to here. So there’s. The cloth part of your lazy jack, if you have both of those on each side and it basically just makes a taco now your sale can fall into so it doesn’t, go everywhere now.

What keeps it from just falling over the top here is from about the spreaders where we’re going. You have a line that goes to the back here boom and then basically down here. You have a line that goes to there and you can do another one in the middle there.

Some people do too, but we’re just going to do one two three four. Now I want less lines because, as you pull the mainsail up, if it’s windy, I win steer main cell can be flapping around and getting caught in these things and make it hard to lift it, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So, basically, the components of the lazy Jack are this permanent canvas piece which protects it from the Sun and these ropes that not only support the canvas piece but also guide the mainsail. While you’re, raising it up and down – and here’s, why it’s so important, so the strings on the side hold the sail up as you’re, dropping it so that the sail doesn’t go all over the deck.

This sail pulls all over the deck right now. The system that I’m running, so it’s, actually pretty unsafe. For me, I have Hank on head sails. This sail falls all over the deck, so I’m on this deck a lot.

While I’m sailing when their sails all over, and I’m trying to get the anchor and do all that stuff. It can get a little bit dangerous. Those sails get pretty slippery and I might fly right off the side of the boat, so this is gonna be a major one.

For me, I’m excited to get it [: Music, ], [, Music, ]. Okay, so now we have our two separate campus pieces and we just need to shape them up and get them measured for our boom. So you basically ripped the top of the sail cover in half.

So we have two equal side pieces. Two equal side pieces that we know we’re gonna have to take some length off, probably have to take some high top, or maybe we can get enough fabric and salvage it. So we can cover up our what’s.

That thing called our life raft. Maybe, when your our life raft cover, we’ll, see how much we can salvage, though yeah time to measure how some of this looks pretty holy: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], all right! So for the top of the lazy Jack’s, I have this tubing.

It’s like kind of flexible but still kind of stiff, and it’s long. So I think I can put that in the top. To kind of like stiffen up, the lazy jack gave me a little more control when I have to move into the side and drop them, and things like that.

So I just got a shove this down the seam that we made and they’re. All nice and deep, like oh, I’m, stuck guys that took me all day to sew all that it didn ‘ T seem like it was gonna be that long.

But I guess the boom was really long and I ran out of thread. You know me. I got new needles. If you watched my channel before I always break my needles, I got new ones off Amazon. They worked well until they didn’t.

They all got bent just basically get yourself a good sewing machine at the end of the day, but I figured that all out and I got the sewing done, but it took all day so we’re gonna have to probably pick this video Up later tomorrow, but right now, Matt’s, putting it up to make sure we put everything in the proper spaces and we measured right.

Yeah looks pretty good to me. I’m thinking, maybe on the end we may end up having to trim off like six inches on the back end, but so far it looks pretty good. Once I get my ropes up there and all jimmy-jacked up, I think it’s.

Gon na work out pretty well, I’m. Not I’m, not too worried about it. I think it’s. Gon na look good don’t mind these weird sticking marks guys. Nobody else see this. So these are the clips and using to attach the canvas to the boom and the mast.

I’ve, been working a little bit today on getting these snaps installed. This way, I can have it semi removable or it’s. Actually gonna be completely removable but easy to unsnap this, so that I can get to important things.

Like reefs stuff, like that, if I ever have to pick something, I can kind of move this whole thing out of my way. Instead of having to fish around on the inside of it, I was able to salvage these off of the old sail cover and they came in pretty handy cuz.

These snaps go on and off pretty fast. It has a male side which I have installed in the mast and the boobs, and then it has a female side that stalls directly into the cloth and I’ll – show you how to do that now: [, Music, ], alright guys! So it’s day.

Three, you might be thinking. Why is it taking us so long? It’s because it’s. Super windy out it’s like reaching like 29 close to 30 knots of wind gust. For the past few days and it’s just been crazy, so we have.

We do have a wind, a dead cat on our camera. So you don’t hear the wind, but it still doesn’t help her win. This strong, but we’re gonna keep pushing through, and we’re gonna get this done. Matt only has a few more steps left and let’s, get it done today.

I have to repurpose this old rope because I don’t. I can’t, get to the store and buy any rope. So I’m gonna take this apart and make it where this is gonna. Be my strings. I hold up my lazy, jacks and yeah.

This wind has been pissing me off because holding canvas and dealing with sails and climbing your mast that’s, not something you really want to do in like 30 knot, gusts all that crap. So it’s been kind of a bummer, but we’re soldiering on [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], alright guys.

So now I got ta go about halfway up the bass to attach the lines, and I don’t want to take all the time, centered the boats and chair and have Kristen Jack me up. So I’m just gonna scale. It it’s only about 15 feet.

I’m gonna drop trou, so my legs get nice and sticky, and I’m gonna go up there and tie these lines attached to the lazy, jack [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ] [ Applause ], I’m furious.

It’s, one more damn thing to fix and broke all our needles making the first damn thing: this is just how boat projects go, they stack up on you. One thing goes bad, then the next thing goes bad. You try to fix something, try to fix something to try to make your life better and the comments come down on you and say ah rip your whole canopy open.

I think you’re frustrated, because this job’s already taking way longer than we thought and the winds been really hard. So it’s been hard to film yeah. Would it what she said that’s? Why it has nothing to do? It almost fell to my death and I unfortunately laughed at you and said had told you so boy.

I was gonna. Put you straight to the moon Alice on that one. This is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Matt did some weird Jimmy jiggers. I don’t even know if that’s, the proper term, but literally hundreds of knots and different ropes, no reason no rhyme to it, but you know what I’m, getting it done cuz.

I feel bad for him. He got really upset and I said I’m gonna take it down for you and then I’ll sew it for you yeah. I cried for like ten years when I broke that thing I cried. This is what happens guys in boat life.

This is the real boat light. I could have edited that out and I could have just act like nothing happened. Well, you know we might as well put in the ugly that’s. Why we’re good, bad and ugly? We’re, just gonna take it off.

I’m gonna sew it up Matt, we’ll, get over it and we’re. Just gonna move on with our lives. Hopefully I have enough needles for this, and even if we can’t fix it. It’s. Gon na be okay, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], alright guys.

So that was the lazy jack test run. I’m sure we ‘ Ll have to do some tweaks, but I was pretty pumped. It went straight up. Good things are falling apart. Well, my Matt random clunks on the vote.

Those are always fun but yeah. I went straight up. It came straight down and stayed off the deck that was pretty cool, really hyped on that the rope, the line that I use is kind of soft. Hopefully there won’t, be any chafing when it comes to my sails and I’m, pretty hyped on that.

You know. Trying days on the boat can’t believe I wrote to my canopy and almost fell to my death. I almost pulled the moon fossa and just plummeted like that, but we got that back together. Luckily, we only broke one needle and we got it sewn back up on our last run, so we got that couple of nice boat projects dude you own, all it’s.

Gon na be ok. You and your positivity you make me sick, can’t, someone just drowning their sorrows every now and again, yeah do it. On your own time. We’re in the shower anyways. We wanted to say cuz.

We know this. Video is going up on Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, our mommies yeah happy Mother’s Day mom, my mom really upset you know cuz. My mom was gonna come visit me. I haven’t seen her in two years, but when all this bad stuff happened, she couldn’t flight got cancelled, we she could have flown out, but we didn’t want to risk getting stuck with her.

To be honest with you, so we were like no, so it sucks so mom. If you’re watching this love, you can’t, wait to see you and hug your neck and everybody out there. You know just love your mamas cuz. They ain’t, always there and honestly too, for the all the single dads out there, hey happy mother’s day.

Like my dad, you know he had to raise me when I was 16 as an unruly. You know. Okay, you’re, getting really on with this special. No, I just do that to mess up my mom cuz. I lived with my mom my dad when I was 16.

I moved in with dad, so I always make fun of my mom and say dad was a single dad raising an unruly 16 year old, pretty funny inside joke with my family whatever, but yeah happy mom’s day moms and all that good.

Alright guys make sure you like this video, subscribe and hit the bell button. If you don’t see our video that’s, why you got? Did the bell button, and sometimes we say things like I don’t want to say the word, but sometimes we say things that could be a little inappropriate and then YouTube.

Doesn’t push our videos out there so like this video share it with your friends and help us out, oh and also too, because I always need your creativity, sorry to interrupt your bye, but we got to name the lazy Jack.

I don’t want to hear Jack. I don’t even name the sale. Yet I don’t want to hear Jack Dawson I don’t want to hear rose. I want to hear any of that. I want a good name, no inappropriate words, because we need this video to go out to the world yeah, no inappropriate words.

I don’t want no cussing, [ Music, ], [, Music, ]

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