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(440)-298-2181. If you guys are subscribed with your notifications turned on, I promise an Epic 2021 of savings and as we finish up the year, in the number one spot of what you should buy right after Christmas, groceries, food items, and quite specifically anything you associate with the holiday.

So the spiral ham, if there’s cheese platters, things put together, even discounts and promotions available on Prosecco. Now is the time to load up. So if you are looking for anything that would’ve made a good Christmas dinner and I’ll tell you right now stores did not handle their holiday inventory as well as they typically would.

Whether it’s Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Lion, Walmart, Whole Foods, now is the time to take advantage of these promotions before those expiration dates kick in. And the number two spot of what you should absolutely buy right after Christmas, let’s start with winter clothing and the promotions running rampant everywhere.

If you guys do expand the video description box, I will have some links to steer you toward the best deals, but I mean, just look at JC Penny as an example there, they’re practically giving away coats for $22 for men down from 100 bucks.

If you are looking for those fleece and Sherpa things, this is typically 59 and 66% off, down to $15. And to hopefully surprise some of you, hooded heavyweight puffer jackets as low as $20 and to hopefully surprise some of you including my wife, shoes, all types of shoes, not even winter related shoes, as low as $14.

These deals, they’re all over the place. Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Abercrombie, Hollister. No retailer is sponsoring today’s roundup. These are just incredible savings you can take advance right now.

In the number three spot, beauty and cosmetic gift sets and I will get to makeup in a moment and some incredible deals, but the buy three get two free and if you even look at retailers like Nordstrom, MAC discounts as low as 40% and kicking, 50% off this gift set right here, above my oversized head, $91 in value, 55.

00 down to 27.50. You’re gonna do very well. Also keep an eye on the Dollar Tree. Reminder, they do sell name brand makeup, and those e.l.f. beauty sets. You will see discounts. Also CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, they have them.

Anything that didn’t sell Christmas is now in the clearance bin. In the number four spot, toys galore and keep an eye on Target because their after Christmas toy roundup is incredible, but even Amazon, $40 slime sets down to 19.

99, 50% off. Generally prices 50% off and more right across the board. Even this doll house that my daughter wants, which is still out of my budget and she’ll need to wait because she’s two and it’s bigger than her.

You hear that, Mara, if you’re watching. $102 down from 202. Don’t worry, she’ll get something, I just decided to use that as a fun example. In the number five spot, seasonal candles are not only being liquidated, but if you don’t make your move relatively quickly, there are even retailers that just throw these right into the garbage bins.

I know that sounds astounding. Yankee Candle not necessarily one of those retailers, but you pick your scent, a dollar will go a long way and even entire gift sets of candles will see the most aggressive discounts.

I’m told by some store associates who were helpful enough to assist me with today’s video that candles definitely did not sell the way they used to with what’s going on in the world. So make your move.

If a candle is something that will brighten up or infuse your home. Before I get to the surprising truth about a TV purchase this time of year and advice that could potentially save you more than $1000, in the number six spot of what you should buy right after Christmas, you take your pick, robes 50 down at 23.

99, even some of that monogram stuff that is a little bit too fancy for my household right now. These are all products that have dropped significantly in price and that’s right, I realized my name is Matt Granite, but I’m putting a D on it for deal guy and leaving it in my shopping cart.

In case my wife happens to go through my browsing history yet again. In the number seven spot of what you should buy directly after Christmas, something that I never anticipated being on my list. In fact, in the now almost two decades that I’ve been working as a consumer analyst, I would have never put a TV on this list.

Primarily Sony and Samsung TVs are discounted to the exact same price offering we saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Like the 20%, $202 off you’re seeing on this QLED TV. This is a unique year. I don’t think stores anticipated that people would buy as few televisions as they did.

With the financial troubles that a lot of families are facing. Those large screen televisions were just not as much of a phenomenon and with how Black Friday was adjusted this year, not necessarily the most popular purchase.

One thing that I will tell you, the projectors that you see advertised right now at supposedly huge discounts, they’re not a great buy. They actually drop in price after the consumer electronics show, which is in January.

So I would wait on the projectors despite what you see advertised. And if you’re certainly not in the market for a television right now, there’s a whole second round of television deals tied to the big game and that’s in February.

So wait for your Super Bowl TV. I’m just letting you know that what wasn’t sold on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now being heavily discounted. In the number eight spot, before I get to some big ticket reductions, I will let you guys know that the video game deals, primarily what we’re seeing at Best Buy, unbelievable.

In fact, almost identical once again to what I saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not $10 off a game, which is typically what you see this time of year, but $40 off some of these games. These are highly sought after, not particularly old games that are in demand that are seeing substantial reductions.

And when it comes to games that are for the PS5 or the new Xbox Series, you’re going to find many games also advertised at those discounts, even though it’s still nearly impossible to get a PS5.

In the number nine spot, cologne. Cologne and perfume. A phenomenal reduction this time of year. Really doesn’t matter where you’re shopping, you’re going to score some great discounts on cologne.

Some of the holiday gift packaging too is just incredibly well reduced. So keep your eyes open for cologne and perfume at clearance prices and these deals usually only exist right after Christmas. After that point, they go up in price a little bit and then reduce again for Valentine’s Day so that’s something to keep in mind, all right.

In the number ten spot, the end of the year appliance deals that you will see right now are not only identical to what you saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whether you’re shopping Lowe’s or Home Depot with price match guarantees.

If you have a DIY project lined up, in addition to many of those small kitchen appliances, now is the time to stock up. I told you not to feel pressured or rushed over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where it was like, “buy it today or else you’ll never see it again.

” They will keep going well into the first week of January. But right now the stock is fantastic. Now to the bonus purchases, items that you should buy after Christmas, just not right after Christmas.

Anything tied to fitness equipment, or there was a weird finger thing I did, or nutrition, January will be your best bet when those new year’s resolutions come to fruition. For some of us, I’m really not even dealing with the gym, I’ve given up.

But for those of you that do, all the power to you. And in addition to the nutrition plans, any of those meal kits, HelloFresh, Blue Apron, they’ll have all sorts of great promotions. And I hope to be testing out some of the box meal kits and comparing them side-by-side so you can see what they offer in 2021.

And then the obvious items, which are always a good purchase after Christmas, wrapping paper, gift bags, all those things you can find at the Dollar Tree and your other favorite retailers are great purchases right after Christmas.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this content, please give this video a thumbs up. If you are subscribed with your notifications turned on, my next video will hopefully save you even more money and to join that insider deal guide texting club, (440)-298-2181.

All right, bye bye.

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It may seem strange to want to buy anything AFTER christmas but there are some secret insider items that you should be buying now that will save you up to 90%!!

I’ve been researching these 10 things you should always buy after christmas for the last decade. This after christmas sale and christmas sales after christmas are some fantastic deals on items that aren’t just related to boxing day 2020 and boxing day sales.

Aldi Weekly Ad: http://bit.ly/2OH5cbN
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Yankee Candle Sale: https://bit.ly/3aIuqTA
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Samsung 55″ TV Deal: https://amzn.to/2KTGN4a
Projector Deal: https://bit.ly/37LdVE7
Video Game Sales: https://bit.ly/2M7OG6M
Perfume Sales: https://bit.ly/3himGc0
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In this video The Deal Guy is showing you things you should buy after christmas on items you like like perfume, groceries and more. If you’ve wondered about after christmas clearance and christmas sales after christmas sale 2020.

Not many know the day after christmas have amazing sales that aren’t just boxing day deals but after christmas sales 2020 that are on actual items you want to buy. I hope you enjoy this after christmas haul and after christmas sale walmart video!

Let me know what you think in comments!

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