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When I do these savings insight pieces, a lot of the time I’ll begin by saying, this is information no store wants you to know, or no store associate wants you to see. But in the case of Kohl’s today, this is actually information, many Kohl’s associates, don’t even know to begin with.

So I’m gonna take you through my top 10, but don’t forget if you wanna leave a comment, and help guide other shoppers or even present me with some insight I’ve never heard before, the viewers and subscribers of every video release are the most valuable part of the information that I share.

So here we go, saving secret number one, you can use expired Kohl’s cash. What? You absolutely can. And if you guys are unfamiliar with Kohl’s cash, a reminder, this is what’s dispensed to you buy Kohl’s, once you reach different thresholds in your spending.

And all of these Kohl’s cash monies, have expiration dates. But what a lot of people don’t realize, and many store associates don’t know, you can actually use Kohl’s cash up to 10 days, after it has expired.

Many Kohl’s associates do not know this, but if you have a problem, ask for a manager, or just simply call Kohl’s customer service, their toll free number will verify that in fact, if you have Kohl’s cash that shows an expiration date, you can use it online or in store, up to 10 days after it has expired.

The number of shoppers that receive Kohl’s cash that don’t get to use it just from not knowing that you’ve got a 10 day buffer, is an incredible amount of money per year, that could otherwise help you afford a potentially larger purchase.

Savings secret number two, at Kohl’s, it’s tied to a lesser known more secret part of their website. And while I am going to discuss coupon stacking, as saving secret, number 10, I don’t know if you guys are aware, but Kohl’s has, an additional rebate section of its website, that is updated on a regular basis, depending on what you’re buying.

And while it might take a few more minutes of your time, you could score an additional $50 off your purchase, in the form of a mail-in rebate, and that’s a lot of money. So by the time you’re using your Kohl’s cash and coupon stacking, which I’m going to discuss, in a few moments and you can score an additional $50 rebate.

It’s basically like the store owes you money, by the time you’re done, so that is saving secret number two. Kohl’s shopping and saving secret number three, is tied to knowing the lingo. And if you guys have watched some of my earlier videos, tied to major retailers like Walmart, and Target and Home Depot, I’ve showed you guys how to actually read the price tags, and go beyond what you see.

Because the store has its own categorization system for it. Kohl’s, it’s not really a numeric game, it’s initials. They’re playing with letters and I wanna make sure, you know what each of these letters mean, on the digital price tags.

Kohl’s utilizes digital LCD price tags. And you wanna look for these LCD price tags. ‘Cause if you just see a standard price tag, there’s generally nothing fun going on, when it comes to saving you money.

You wanna look for the following initials, BB, which means bonus day. BGH, which means buy one, get one half off. And if you see S, which is tied to one of my favorite S words, it simply means sale, which in Kohl’s terminology gives you, a one to two week window to purchase that item, before that sale is no longer.

So again, a sale at Kohl’s, doesn’t mean the item is being liquidated, doesn’t mean it’s entering its clearance phase. That’s generally what PP means for price point, but sale is it’s something you can make your move and feel good about it, awesome.

For shopping secret, number four, I’m gonna tell you what I would avoid buying at Kohl’s. And if you haven’t been able to tell yet, this is not a sponsored video. Kohl’s is not paying me to produce this.

And that brings me to this piece of insight, which they might not want you to hear. Do not bother buying beauty products or toys at Kohl’s. So when it comes to beauty products, you’re going to find many other deals, from other retailers online that can actually surpass the savings you’ll see at Kohl’s.

Ulta, AB Amazon beauty section, even CVS and Walgreens greens can do far better, because at Kohl’s, beauty products are exempt from coupons. If you’re not yet aware, toys are also exempt from coupons with few exceptions, at Kohl’s, meaning more aggressive toy discounts, are going to be found in other retailers, like Walmart and Target, even Costco.

And if you guys are actually hoping to learn the inner workings of Costco, I have several videos on this channel that explain how to do that. So don’t forget to subscribe and turn your notifications on, but, anyhow toys and beauty products, two lines to avoid at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s shopping secret number five, and by the way again, if I haven’t mentioned that I’m really excited about number 10, ’cause we were gonna do coupons stacking. But number five is tied to the relationship between Amazon and Kohl’s.

And perhaps, you know this, but I am going to give you an extra bit of tidbit information to this. I guess that’s redundant, because tidbit would technically be information, but anyhow, Kohls allows you to return your Amazon products, and purchases at their store.

Not only is this a seamless system, where you get the benefit of a coupon, which I’m going to mention in a moment and free shipping, just for bringing your stuff back to Kohl’s. But as part of the relationship between Amazon and Kohl’s where Kohl’s benefits by getting more street traffic in their stores, because so many people shop at Amazon, hence the relationship, which benefits Kohl’s by bringing your bringing your products in, Kohl’s will give you a 25% coupon, for bringing in your Amazon products to facilitate a return.

But that’s not it. As Michelle E pointed out as a subscriber of my channel, it’s awesome because you got a 25% off coupon, for use in store only when you return your Amazon products to Kohl’s locations if you need a return.

And not only will this make for a faster and free return as Michelle E has pointed out, but as Leslie has pointed out, you could also end up with a $10 Kohl’s cash coupon. Now, in terms of the times that I’ve been able to score the $10 Kohl’s cash that has only happened to me once doing an Amazon return.

So I would like any subscribers or viewers of this channel to weigh in and please let me know, have you benefited with just the blanket coupon, or have you also received Kohl’s cash? Savings secret number six is tied to the timing of a store.

And if you guys watch my earlier All D video or Trader Joe’s, I have absolutely no life whatsoever and still very few friends. Although I’d like to thank all of the subscribers of this channel now have become my frugal family, and I really do appreciate you guys.

I’m trying to get to a million subscribers so I am, Yeah, anyhow, the days of the week where stores restock is something that I’ve got a lot of time on my hands to observe and I go in with clipboards and I watch, and I stand in front of the loading docks and people think it’s really weird, but I learn about the intricacies of a store and how they restock.

Now for Kohl’s it’s a little bit different. I noticed that they actually restock regularly. There’s no rhyme or reason to, when certain sections are replenished, but if you fall under one of these two categories, there is a day of the week where you should be shopping.

If you are 60 years of age or over, you get an in store, 50% discount on Wednesdays or a site-wide coupon, that you can use and stack with your dollar off discounts. If you are a hero, and that means military, whether you are active, or a veteran or the recipient of an honorable discharge, you get 15% off on Monday.

So, two different days of the week, Monday and Wednesday, keep that in mind when you shop at Kohl’s and for all of us, in terms of the promotions that I’ve seen, and how they’re rolled out, sometimes it’s the middle of the month.

If you watched any of those other vloggers or couponers, and they tell you they’ve got a complete coupon strategy, Kohl’s has adjusted their strategy, at least 11 different times each quarter.

So there’s no rhyme or reason to when they roll out their best discounts. Unless of course it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we’ll talk about that very soon. Saving secret number seven, you can buy an Amazon product at Kohl’s, for sometimes significantly less than what you would actually find on amazon.

com. Now there are different times of the year where this works and it is different based on what’s going on with amazon.com promotions. But you can find certain Amazon products at Black Friday prices throughout the year at Kohl’s.

As Pathetic DJ Remixes has pointed out, a subscriber or a viewer of this channel, Kohl’s has the echo show 5 for $50 plus $15 Kohl’s cash, and they have the echo dot 3rd generation for $22. And he wrote this nine months ago on the channel, but I really do read comments, and I just wanna show you guys, that the echo dot 3rd generation is typically sold for 49.

99. So, if this individual was able to get the 3rd generation echo dot for 22 bucks, or the echo show five for $50, which Amazon sells at its typical best sale price, for $60.99, plus this person had the benefit of $15 in Kohl’s cash.

There’s absolutely no reason to make some of those purchases at Amazon, when you can score the more significant discount at Kohl’s. So keep that in mind, you will be rewarded. And if you subscribe to this channel, obviously I’ll be watching for all of those deals and I’ll keep them updated here for you, when those price drops occur.

Savings secret number eight, if you shop at Kohl’s, at least once per month, I highly, highly recommend the Kohl’s credit card. And obviously as a consumer advocate and a consumer advisor, I do not recommend randomly opening store credit cards, which affect your credit score, just to score a onetime discount.

And many of the store credit cards from different retailers, just such garbage, but for the Kohl’s card, if you can get past the fact that you’ll get 35% off your first purchase, which has to be done in-store when you sign up.

So don’t blow that on a, on a $15 pair of socks. Once you get beyond that, Kohl’s will actually send out different coupons to you, saving you double what the general public would typically see.

Kohl’s sends out coupons of 30%, at least 12 times per year to shoppers, which means with those 30% coupons, that are sent out every month minimum, sometimes more and a lot more during the holidays, you’re going to be scoring double, what the typical shopper would enjoy.

And just as a bonus right now, if you refresh your browser, when you’re shopping at Kohl’s, if you guys can see what I’m doing right now, there’s this promo box that will pop up a lot of the time.

So it says right now, see, it’s disappeared. So just refresh your browser, or you click the plus button, when you are shopping at Kohl’s. This is like a bonus two and one tip. And it will refresh and you can see right now, you get $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent.

I’ll actually talk about in another video, how it doesn’t need to be $50 on the dot. We’ll get to that, it could be less. 15% off when you sign up for the email alerts, and if you text them, you get 15% off there, but the credit card will be doubling your savings beyond that 15%.

But don’t forget to drag up that promo box, or refresh when you are shopping on your desktop. Kohl’s shopping secret number nine, is tied to a big no, no. Before we get to number 10, which is, (claps) coupons, stack it.

And number nine is tied to Kohl’s cash. And I actually wanna just mention that the return policy, because so many of us are enamored with the Kohl’s return policy. It’s a 180 day hassle-free return policy, and they really do make it easier with, their receipt lookup system.

They’re phenomenal. But I wanna remind you guys that if you use Kohl’s cash on a return, you do not get that returned Kohl’s cash to you, during the refund. So let me give you an example. Let’s say you buy a $200 Air Fryer, and you use $180 of real money, and $20 of Kohl’s cash on that purchase.

And you don’t like the Air Fryer, it doesn’t work and you bring it back within that 180 day return window, Kohl’s will refund you the $180 that you spent in cash or on your credit card. They will not give you the $20 Kohl’s cash back.

While some subscribers may have different experiences with this in terms of the returns that I’ve done, that Kohl’s cash is a loss. So if you are buying something and you’re thinking, I might not wanna keep this, or I might return this, or I’m buying this for someone that’s definitely going to return this, try and eliminate your Kohl’s cash from that purchase, and save it for something else where you’re buying it, and you have the ability to commit to it in a different way.

And for saving secret number 10, and don’t worry, I’m gonna throw in a bonus 11, because I’m enjoying my time with you, and I don’t want you guys to leave. There is a limit of coupons per transaction on Kohl’s and kohls.

com that most people are not aware of. You guys watch my dollar tree video, or some of my other inside store secrets. I always discuss the maximum number of coupons you can use. And sometimes you get really lucky, if a store lets you use two coupons and stacks them.

Kohl’s is built for stacking. So you not only get 10 different coupon potentials, but you can use these online as well. So keep in mind that when you are shopping, there are 10 different opportunities to use a coupon.

I’m gonna tell you now, what some of these coupons are. You can use one site-wide coupon, off your entire purchase. You can use up to four different department coupons. So that means if there’s a section like bedding or clothing, you can use an additional 20% off there, and then you can use up to six rewards codes, on your purchase in addition to that.

And for those six additional stackable rewards codes, you could use things like Kohl’s cash, or you could use a free shipping code, but either way stack, stack, stack, you get up to 10 and maximize that potential.

If you are shopping at Kohl’s, there’s absolutely no reason ever, with in terms of how the store operates, that there should ever be a coupon code section, that is left blank, particularly if you are shopping online.

And for shopping secret bonus, number 11, look for the kiosk. In fact, you can actually do a lot of your holiday shopping from the kiosk. One thing that I love about Kohl’s, is this kiosk that you will find in the store where if a product is out of stock or there’s an inventory issue, or if you just wanna score free shipping, you can use the kiosk.

One thing that Kohl’s does not do well is free shipping. Unless your order’s over a certain threshold. There’s no Prime membership or Walmart plus alternative, but granted they do allow you to stack coupons like it’s no one’s business.

They could improve their free shipping minimums, and until they do, if you have many products that you need to purchase from Kohl’s, or if you’ve got some holiday shipping, rather than buying the item at Kohl’s bringing it home, then sending it through the mail, come Christmas or different holidays, just go to the kiosk in Kohl’s store, and you can actually get those items delivered for free, thanks to the kiosk.

Now I wanna thank you guys so much for watching, if you liked this content, please give this video a thumbs up. That will mean a lot to me. It’s not like I actually need to do my hand motion as though you guys don’t know what thumbs up, I’m just gonna put my hands back behind my back.

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If you could subscribe, turn the notifications on, click that little bell thing, we’ll be good to go. Thank you for watching. And please feel free to leave a comment. If you’ve got some insider Kohl’s secrets that you wanna share, maybe that will just help me with my next video.

Bye bye.

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