Save a bunch of money at Lowes with 10 amazing secrets I discovered! Everyone knows Lowes is the place for home improvement but it can also be a great place to find bargains and save a bunch of money!!

Links to website’s I mentioned in video:
– Lowes Tool Rental:
– Buy in Bulk:
– Lowes Price Match Policy:
– Lowes Truck Rental:
– Lowes Rebate Center:
– Lowes Credit Card:
**This is NOT an affiliate link. I do not make money if you sign up for this card.

Here is my Home Depot vs Lowes video:

I’ve been shopping at Lowes store for years (i think we all have) but these Lowes secrets are some of the best lowes tips and tricks that I know. I was watching videos from Company Man and VCG Construction and I thought why not make a 10 shopping secrets video about Lowe’s.

In this video The Deal Guy is showing you best lowes deals 2021 and Lowes shopping secrets that allow you to save big at the lowes near me or lowes curbside pickup. Not many people know the Lowes coupons codes are not the only ways to get lowes discount clearance! You may have also seen my Lowes vs Home Depot video, but this secrets about lowes video has new information on lowes home improvement that you dont want to miss including tool deals.

After watching these Lowes 2021 secrets you’ll be looking up your local lowes hours, searching lowes clearance and getting amazing deals! Don’t miss out!

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