You’re usually watching me telling you deals that you SHOULD be buying, but I wanted to make an important video on all the deals NOT worth buying in 2021. Watch now and see if you know them!

These 10 deals not to buy are some of the worst deals in store as they don’t really save you any money and really just encourage you to spend more than you should. These 10 deals you should not buy in 2021 are deals you’ll regret and wish you just had held off on.

Costco Optical:

In this video The Deal Guy is showing you 10 things you should not buy that are bad things to buy as they aren’t money saving. Things like glasses, cruises and more are deals not to buy in 2021. I did a similar video like this which was do not buy at walmart and you guys really liked that video!

I don’t usually recommend products not to buy but i felt these 10 things not to buy are store secrets you should know! As mentioned i’ve done a 5 things not to buy video and a 10 things not to buy before but I’ve never done a video where I talk about the bad deals and the worst deals on offer just in general. These are things i do not buy and bad things to buy! Never buy!

If you didn’t get the point buy now I’ll say it again do not buy at the store, do not take these deals these are 10 things you should not buy, okay?? Good! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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