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  1. Yeah I followed your video to the letter and my IP address is still reading exactly where I am. The VPN app shows I'm connected to another part of the country but when I look up my IP address it doesn't change. So this app is a fail.

  2. Why do you select to reply to the positive comments only? Please answer. 1) Is this video only for the Firestick? Reading the comments below it seems like it does not work for all of the Firesticks and both the apps do not work on my Android box!!

  3. Hi man 🙂
    I watched ur video about getting a cheap Netflix subscription by using a vpn and selecting it to turkey.
    The problem is that netflix keep spitting out errors when i try to confirm even when i have typed my credit card information correctly…
    Pls do u have a solution?

  4. Okay STOP IT… I am a Network Engineer and this is BS. There is no such thing as a FREE VPN. Running a VPN isn’t cheep and it const money to maintain and run servers and they don’t come cheap.

    It is more likely this is a DNS service rather than VPN.

  5. Hello TechDoctor and Thank You for all the fantastic video content. I would like to add my opinion on this very fine FREE VPN OPTION for those who cannot justify the cost of a paid VPN services. As a retired technology professional, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you about using a tested and verified PAID VPN service, and example would be NordVPN. Your reasoning and discussion on the issues and reasons for using a quality paid vpn service are many. But I have been testing DOG VPN on multiple mobile and streaming devices and it has surpassed my expectations beyond measure. There are some issues to keep in mind. When using a 4k Frestick or Fire TV device, it will be necessary to use Set Orientation and Mouse toggle or other pointing option because this app was designed as a touch screen VPN tool in android. But it has performed as you have advertised with flying colors. I have not had a single issue while streaming with this free VPN service. I do want to remind your subscribers and viewers that it cannot resolve poor Internet connections and speeds. But if you have a decent Internet connection, it works as delivered. I have been using it on two streaming devices and a tablet for over a week and I can promise great performance if used and set up correctly. As an added note, one of the comments asked about using it with a Windows PC. The only way to use it with a Windows PC is with an Android emulator and you must remember that it will work ONLY within the protected thread of the emulator while running. Once you close down the emulator, it will cease to work. For an excellent Windows solution with no cost, I recommend using OpenVPN with servers from free options like VPN Book. It works really well and in a native Windows environment without emulation. Sorry to be so long winded but I felt the details provided are important. THANK YOU AGAIN for your outstanding Video Channel. You are one of the best !!! Paul ( sasdthoh )

  6. Attention all viewers reading this message thread. I posted a rather lengthy message about the use of Dog VPN and I forgot to mention that it may not work on multiple devices at the same time. I have yet to do any testing while streaming three devices at once. I have ONLY tested each device one at a time. But Hey …………….. it is FREEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Paul ( sasdthoh )

  7. Won't work on 4K firestick kicks me out did the same on my A95X PRO box and also bricked box to a reboot so uninstalled

    Found a work around that works for my box I downloaded from aptoid for my firestck I google searched dog VPN using puffin browser found a link from appspure downloaded both work without crashing my device's they do have adds but not a problem

  8. Hello TechDoctor, I just downloaded the Dog VPN on my 4K firestick and as soon as I connect on the dog it turns green and goes back to the home screen. Whats going on????

  9. As already reported I too using a 4k FS get instant crash as soon as it connected and locking up until you constantly press the back button. I then searched and downloaded the full advertisement version and that connected with no issues. However when streaming it would just randomly freeze and you would have to go back and restart that stream link where you left off. I also tried several offered servers and all were the same. It's free and tests with super fast downloads but sadly it didn't work successfully for me. Thanks for the review.

  10. Hi, Doc..I am new to all this..when I install the mouse toggle and then I open it up it ask if I want to have it on this computer or devise should i hit ok and then it should work on the dog vpn where I can hit the connect button? Thanks for all you are doing..

  11. can't get it to work…wasn't sure what u said was needed to use it but read comments and saw mouse toggle. downloaded it…double click play…but no mouse toggle and can't move or do anything on the app.


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